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Summer School of Addictions


Global Health Conference

July 7-12th 2014

This year’s Summer School of Addiction was held and presented at the Second Annual Global Health Conference in Geneva Switzerland, on “Non-Communicable Diseases: Lifelong Lifestyle Prevention”.  Non-communicable diseases are a source of much suffering with increasing morbidity and mortality worldwide. Life-long good lifestyle habits are essential in preventing many of these diseases. The objectives of this conference was twofold: to bring current, evidence based research to the attendees at the conference, and to make this information readily available to all. This conference contributed to the well-being of church members and their families throughout the world.

The IPA will be giving a series of presentations on “The Best of What We Know About the Prevention of Addictions.”The session focused on the latest research of what scientists know about addiction, best practice prevention and how church leaders and members can engage in prevention at all levels. The latest scientific information was presented from the Institute of Prevention’s own research as well as the work of leading scholars in the addiction field. Access to video resorcdings of each presenation will become availble soon. 


My Body's God's Temple

May 6-9th 2013

This year’s Summer School of Addiction focuses on spirituality's role in prevention and addiction recovery Research shows spirituality is significantly related the decisions to use substance, the move from experimentation to abuse and addiction and to recovery. This has become recognized not only by the faith community but by the scientific community. Increasingly society has come to recognize the role of spiritually and faith in prevention and recovery and most importantly in sustaining recovery.

The course will feature local, national, and internationally-known speakers, including Dr. David Williams from Harvard University.  Dr. Williams in an Andrews alumnus and internationally recognized for his research on spirituality and health. As well as Dr. Clyde McCoy from the University of Miami School of Medicine is a leader in the field of substance abuse health services.

Yvonne Terry-McElrath, a research scientist at the University of Michigan (and an Andrews alumnus), will present epidemiology data from their annual survey of students examining the relationship between spirituality and substance use.
Popular Andrews’s faculty will also present, including David Sedlacek from the Seminary and others will focus on data regarding spiritualty and substance use among Adventists.

This course is designed to involve the student in learning through expert presentations, supplemented by in-class learning experiences where processing and integration of materials is facilitated in order for students to better utilize information presented.

A course devised for Counselors, Social Workers, Educators, Psychologists, Lay Counselors, Medical Personnel, Pastors, and Students. It is a week of contemporary instruction in:

  • Role of faith in preventing Addictive Behaviors
  • Church Community Role’s in Prevention
  • Role of Spirituality in Recovery
  • Maintaining Recovery

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Addiction: a Family Affair

May 7-10th 2012

This year’s Summer School of Addiction focuses on addiction prevention, codependency, enabling, and recovery. Research data shows the family is often where behavioral problems are prevented, are initiated and end.  Addiction is an example of this.  Any profession that works with families will need to know how addiction affects families and what can be done to strengthen families to address addiction.

The purpose of this year’s Summer School of Addictions is to provide clinical, service and health-related students and professionals, as well as general education students, knowledge and skill about:

  1. The Epidemiology and trends in intern-generational substance abuse
  2. How to recognize codependency and enabling
  3. The family’s role in preventing substance use following trauma
  4. Family dinners and preventing health risk behaviors
  5. Family behaviors and interaction patterns as a risk factor for addiction
  6. The role the family has in preventing substance use through supervision, family worship, bonding and support.
  7. How addiction effects intimate relationships.
  8. Recovery programs and families.

The course will feature locally, nationally, and internationally-known speakers, including
Carol Cannon, author of “Never Good Enough: Growing Up Imperfect in a ‘Perfect’ Family” and co-founder of The Bridge, a psycho-educational addiction treatment program.  Yvonne Terry-McElrath, a research scientist at the University of Michigan (and an Andrews’s alumnus) who will present data from their annual survey of students. Popular Andrews’s faculty will also present including David Sedlacek and Harvey Burnett. Presentations will include cutting edge research in the areas of families and addiction and ways families can cope with this disease.


Teens, Sex, Drugs and Addiction

May 2-5th 2011

This year’s Summer School of Addiction focuses on teen drug use and reclaiming the future. Nationally recognized researchers focus in on the extent and correlates of teen drug use, how the teen brain is affected by use and the latest information on best practices to prevent and treat drug abuse among teens.

Teens are having increased expectations of success placed on them in our very competitive world. That puts them under significant stress and makes them vulnerable to substance use as a means of coping with this stress. Recent data from the University of Michigan shows that overall illegal drug use in the U.S. increased in 2010 with over 48% of high school seniors using an illicit drug in their lifetime and about 38% using illegal drugs in the last year. Marijuana use continues to increase among teens as society debates its legal and medical status. 


It’s a Medicated Society

May 3-6th 2010

This year’s Summer School of Addiction takes a comprehensive look at the increased use of prescription medication in society.  It focuses on issues of prescription medication and its use in our society and the potential for abuse of prescription medication.

We live in a world that overwhelms us with information, stress, and unrealistic expectations of living a 24/7 week. We have no time for illness, fatigue or quiet time. The pace of our lives is often maintained with medications or chemicals that manage any illness, pain or fatigue. While these medications and chemicals may permit our society to be highly productive and manage the stress of our lives, there is also considerable danger of addiction or abuse of these substances.

Data suggest that the use of powerful prescription medication by youth is one of the most common drug abuse patterns in our society. Many adults have also found that they too easily move from a needed prescription to permanent dependence to manage their overwhelming lives. Come and hear from experts who have studied these issues and learn about policies and strategies to address this issue.

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