Building Strong and Smart Youth


Youth are bombarded with societal messages drugs, premarital sex, and other high risk behaviors.  We help youth make better choices and not engage in these risky behaviors such as substance abuse, sexual activity, dropping out of school, crime, and suicide.

  1. Accurate Information
    a. Information gives us a good starting point and corrects myth
    b. Information alone is not enough, it does not in itself lead to change
  2. Family Bonding
    a. Positive emotional bond/unconditional love
    b. Supervision – where are our children and who are they with
    c. Role modeling – if parents don’t use, children are less likely to use
    d. Eating 5 family dinners together each week
    e. Clear expectations and communication
  3. Mentoring – connection with responsible adults from parents, teachers, youth leaders
    a. A positive emotional/bond, open communication, clear expectations, supportive relationship, carrying
  4. School as Community
    a. Connection to teachers and school is strongly related to lower risk behavior
    b. Doing well in school, and believing that you will succeed in life and profession is protective
    c. Committing to high level of education and occupation is protective
  5. Co-Curricular School Activities Involving Adults Supervision
    a. After School hours are very high risk times for youth
    b. After school activities under the supervision of adults builds resilience and reduces risk behavior and even helps teen brain develop
  6. Participation in Community Service –participation for 1+ a week
    a. Delay the initiation of sexual behaviors
    b. Get better grades in school
    c. Take fewer drugs
    d. Develop an achievement based higher self-concept
  7. Faith in God
    a. A commitment to Christ –is the number one reasons why youth give for not using substances
    b. Church attendance, and more strongly regular Sabbath School attendance
    c. Regular involvement in church activities –this helps cement a person’s ownership into the church community
    d. Personal daily devotions
    e. Recognition that your body is the Temple of God