Got a New Phone?

We get it—people get new phones all the time!  If you get a new phone, you can now register the device in Duo yourself.
  • These steps must be completed from a desktop or laptop computer and have your new mobile device with you.
  • If you are registering a new phone with a new number, contact or 269-471-6016 for a bypass code

  1. Sign-in to an Andrews University resource protected by Duo (like Vault services, TouchNet or Banner).
    NOTE:  If you have automatic push enabled, first select Cancel
  2. When prompted by Duo, select Add New Device
  3. Select Enter a Passcode
  4. Select Text me new codes
  5. Check your mobile device.  You will receive four (4) SMS passcodes.  Enter the first code in the "Log In" field, then select Log in
  6. Select Mobile Device, then select Continue
  7. When you see the "Verify Ownership" page, select Text Me
    When you receive the 6-digit verification text on your device, enter the code, select Verify, then select Continue
  8. Enter your phone number.
  9. Select the device type.
  10. If you haven't already, download and install the Duo Mobile app on your new smartphone, then select I have Duo Mobile installed.
  11. Using the Duo Mobile app, hold your phone up to the computer screen and scan the QR code.
    NOTE: You must allow the Duo Mobile app to use your device's camera.
    When you see the green check mark, select Continue.
  12. Adjust any settings as needed then select Back to Login
  13. Your new device is registered.  You may again use Duo push when signing in to Andrews University resources.

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