Wifi Event Codes

During on-campus conferences and other organized events, extended wifi access for campus guests and visitors is possible with an event code.
Guests and visitors can enter an event code for extended wifi access beyond the normal three (3) days:

  1. Select the au-guest wireless network
  2. Open a web browser to: netreg.andrews.edu
  3. When presented with a security certificate message, or something similar, select Continue to website
  4. Select Guest Registration
  5. Fill in the information as requested and enter the provided event code in the "Optional Event Code" field
  6. Select Accept at the bottom of the page.

If you do not know your event code, contact your conference organizer or host.
Event coordinators/organizers, contact the Technology Helpdesk to setup an event code.

Event code registrations expire at the end of the event.

See Quick guide to connecting to Andrews University wifi networks


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