Guidelines for Personal Web Pages

Andrews University provides Web service for home pages for faculty, staff and students strictly as an educational service. The University therefore reserves the right to set standards for the content of pages stored on the University server and for sites pointed to directly by any pages on the University server (via URLs).

REQUIREMENTS for Personal Pages

  1. The home page must include the name, address and email address of the person responsible for the content of the page(s).
  2. The home page must contain a link to return to the University's home page.
  3. The home page must include a standard disclaimer object supplied by the University.
  4. The content of all pages on the University server and of sites pointed to directly by personal pages must meet University ethical and moral standards. In other words, pages must not depict, describe or advocate anything that is illegal or does not meet University standards. (Refer to the Code of Student Conduct in the Andrews University Student Handbook.)

RECOMMENDATIONS for Personal Pages

  1. Home pages should be short and simple.
  2. Documents should be edited carefully for spelling, factual and other errors so the content and style will be representative of Andrews University.
  3. Pages of substantive content should contain the date of last update.
  4. If a document is in progress, it should be labeled appropriately, e.g. "Prototype" or "Under Construction".
  5. A warning statement is advisable if a link leads to a large document or image.
  6. Use a style sheet or template to provide visual consistency across related documents.
  7. All links should be tested before publishing and at regular intervals thereafter.
  8. Use the ALT attribute for images for the visually impaired and browsers choosing not to render graphics.
  9. Test documents with a variety of browsers, if possible.
  10. Do document development in non-public directories.