Wave Motion Demonstrator



The Wave Motion Demonstrator allows mechanical waves to be created to demonstrate the behavior and properties common to many types of waves.

How It Works

A series of steel rods is attached at their centers to a torsion wire. When a rod is displaced and released, a wave propagates along the rod. Velocity depends on the torsion constant of the wire and the moment of intertia of the rods.

Wave Demonstration

  • Wave Propagation
  • Velocity in Different Media
  • Wavelength versus Velocity and Frequency
  • Reflection at Fixed and Free Boundaries
  • Constructive and Destructive Interference
  • Standing Waves and Resonance
  • Reflection and Transmission at Media Boundaries

Wave Motion Demonstrator – Complete Unit


  • 2.3 Meters Long - plenty of room to watch the wave develop and interact
  • Three Wave Sections - each section has rods of different lengths, allowing reflection and transmission demonstrations
  • Folds for compact storage
  • Easy setup


  • Module 1: 92 cm long with 72 rods each  46 cm long
  • Module 2: 92 cm long with 72 rods each 23 cm long
  • Module 3: 60 cm long with 47 rods, 46 cm long at one end, 23 cm long at the other end
  • Clamp for rigid termination
  • Dash Pot for liquid damping
  • Manual

Wave Motion Demonstrator – Single Unit


  • Module 1: 92 cm long with 73 rods each 46 cm long
  • Clamp for rigid termination
  • Dash Pot for liquid damping
  • Manual

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