About Us

The Andrews Pool offers many opportunities to swimmers of all ages and skills. From Open Swims for families to Lap Swims for avid swimmers, to beginners looking to learn from our friendly, qualified instructors; The Andrew's Pool has a program that will meet the needs of a diverse community.

In addition to our scheduled pool times, we also offer Swimming Lessons through our Learn 2 Swim for individuals of all ages. The Andrews Pool also offers pool rentals and private events.

Our reputation of providing a superior level of service, the friendly, fully trained and certified staff that not only greet you but will provide a safe place to have fun and the Christian, faith-based environment we offer cannot be matched by any of our local competitors.

So come on down and jump in today!


Looking for a work opportunity? The AU Beaty Pool is a great way to have that first-time work experience in a Christ-centered work environment.