Canoe Adventure

1.) Rentals will be made to currently enrolled Andrews University students, currently employed Andrews University faculty   and staff, and University groups only (may include PMC Sabbath School and Pathfinder groups).
2.) All reservations are on a first come, first serve basis
3.) The rental fee is $15 per canoe per day. This fee includes two paddles and three life jackets per canoe. The rental fee for a canoe trailer is $15 per day (carries up to 8 canoes)
4.) Renters assume responsibility for all equipment rented. Charges for any damage are as follows:
                                                                    Item               Lost or Destroyed Damaged
                                                                    Canoe                  $1,500         Cost of Repair
                                                                    Paddle                  $35
                                                                    Life Jacket          $35
                                                                    Bungee Cord       $5
5.) Rentals are for local use only (50 mile radius)
6.) Canoes are typically picked up on the day of your desired rental, Additional Equipment is required to be arranged for pickup by 1:30pm on the Friday before your rental weekend.
7.) For any additional questions, please feel free to call (269)-471-3255.

If you are looking to rent the canoes, please click here