The Beaty Pool is available for pool rentals for various reasons and occasions.

To book the pool for any reason please follow the link provided and fill out the registration form. A staff member will contact you to confirm your rental and the desired details. All reservation details should be finalized by the Wednesday before the weekend the rental is scheduled on or closest to.

Pool Rental Application Form


Parties consist of group sizes from less than 40 people to a maximum of 120 people and can be booked most anytime the pool is not already occupied.

Group Size Timelength Price
1-40 People 1 hr $70
1.5 hr $100
2 hr $125
41-75 People

1 hr

1.5 hr $130
2 hr $165
76-120 People 1 hr $110
1.5 hr $160
2 hr $205

Typical pool rental times are the following:

Saturday Night's: Must start an hour after sundown-10pm

Sunday Morning: 10am-12pm

Sunday Afternoon: 1pm- 3pm

If you wish to reserve during the week, please check our schedule to see if the pool is already taken with other programming at the time you're interested in.

Our most popular pool rental is our Birthday Luau. For only $25.00 additional dollars, we provide not only the warmth and water, but the decorations, tables, and extras to make your party as memorable as possible.


  •     Separate table for gifts and cards
  •     Food tables accommodate large parties
  •     Eating and gift area for kids
  •     Add the Luau for only $25.00 onto any party
  •     No additional set up or tear down

Reserving the time of an instructor during your rental for an award or honor is $20/instructor/hr in addition to your rental fee.