Indoor Rock Climbing


The AU Rockwall will be closed for the summer.


Fall & Spring Semester

Open Hours:
Sunday-Thursday 6:00pm-8:00pm
Climbing Wall Supervisor present during all Open Hours
1st time Student Free
Per Visit $5
Students $30 Per Semester
Non Students $48 Per Semester


Membership Registration & Waiver


Rock Wall Policies

1. Young climbers must provide their own gear if the Rockwall's gear doesn't fit correctly. It is estimated that an average sized 10 year old should fit our equipment. Current Shoe sizes availble for borrow are size 6-12.
2. You must be 14+ years-old to qualify to take the belay safety course. Climbing Wall users must only climb when a Climbing Wall Supervisor is present and must undergo a belay skills test in order to become a qualified belayer. New belayers will be trained and qualified by a Climbing Wall Supervisor.
3. All unbelayed climbing is prohibited except in designated bouldering areas or in other areas with a maximum height of personal individual shoulder height off the ground. Never boulder over another climber or under a roped-in climber. Boulderers must yield to rope climbers and are responsible to appoint their own spotters.
4. The Climbing Wall Supervisor or Instructor must inspect all climbing equipment not provided by Andrews University and approve its use. Any approval of non-Andrews equipment is not a guarantee of the quality or reliability of the equipment; any use of non- Andrews's equipment is at the user's own risk.
5. All belayed climbing must be on Andrews University provided ropes and must be belayed through an approved belay device. All belay devices other than those provided by Andrews University may not be used unless approved by the Climbing Wall Supervisor. Roped climbers and belayers must wear approved harnesses.
6. Climbers will tie the rope directly into their harness with a FIGURE EIGHT FOLLOW-THRU KNOT or use two opposing locking carabiners with a Super 8 Knot or Bowline on a Bite.
7. The supervision of any child in my party is my responsibility and not the responsibility of Andrews University. Any behavior that is deemed inappropriate by the Climbing Wall Supervisor will not be tolerated. Action will be at the discretion of the Climbing Wall Supervisor and could include the child being asked to return all equipment and cease climbing on the Climbing Wall.
8. Equipment is assigned in an, 'AS IS' condition. The climber accepts full responsibility for the care of equipment and agrees to pay Andrews University an amount equal to any loss or damage resulting from its use other than reasonable wear and tear. All accident or equipment damage must be reported immediately.
9. If I see or hear anything I feel is questionable, unsafe, dangerous, or not in accordance with the Climbing Wall safety policies, it is my responsibility to ask or inform Andrews University Rock Climbing Wall employees until corrected or satisfactorily addressed.
10. Andrews University Climbing Wall does not provide helmets and you are responsible to bring your own if you choose to. You assume the risk of not wearing a helmet.
11. No one is allowed on the gymnastic equipment for any reason. Running & unsupervised roaming of children is not permitted.
12. Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times: Shirts must be tucked into the harness and all long hair must be pulled back & secured.
13. No food or Drink in the Rock Wall area.
14. No street shoes on the matted areas of the floor.

All climbers must check in at the front desk every entry and receive a climbing only or belay certified band, according to their current memberships status, before proceeding to the wall located on the 3rd floor.

Waiver forms are required for all climbers. Forms that are older than 1 year must be renewed. Participants younger than 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign for them.

Climbers will only be eligible to recieve a belay certified wrist band after training with the climbing wall supervisor and demonstrating their belay abilities.

Rental gear is estimated to fit children as young as 10 years old. Smaller individuals must bring their own gear to be checked by the wall supervisor.

Rental gear is provided as needed to individuals with no additional charge per use.

All Gear and wrist bands must be returned to the wall supervisor upon completion of use for the day.


Rental Online Application (not available in the Summer)


The Beaty Gym Rock Wall  is available for rentals for various reasons and occasions.

To book the wall for any reason please follow the link provided and fill out the registration form. A staff member will contact you to confirm your rental and the desired details. All reservation details should be finalized by a week before the weekend the rental is scheduled on or closest to.

 $200 for a group size of 20 people or less. A minimum of 2 belay certified individuals are provided for this rental option.