Private Lessons

Private lessons are for all ages & all abilities. However, Priority is given to adults or children with special needs. The Lesson Coordinator will contact you once you pay below and will acquire your day and time availabilities and connect you with one of our instructors who is available to take on another student.

Both the  Niles and Berrien Partnership students  will only qualify for private Lesson instruction if they have a physical or other type of disability that require a one on one environment, for very beginner students that are about  the age of 13 years old or older should register for the Adult class for Group Lessons on the Learn to Swim Page of the website. There were many reasons for the need for this policy shift tho we're sorry for any inconvenience. 


Price per individual

Number of People  Price for 5 Lessons  Length of Lessons
  1 individual, any age $120 30 min
  2 people of like ability $90 45 min

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