Swim Club

Fall 2019 Registration open July 1st Click here to Begin

Day & Time                                        

Student should attend at least 1 class before count day, and a minimum of 16 classes total and specifically should attend at 16 class periods and at least 2 Meet Days per semester to achieve standard requirements by the partnership

Class Time options: Monday - Thursday 3:30-4:30pm

Total Date Range Aug. 26-Dec.12

Meet Day Options are Oct 7-10, and Dec 9-12.

No Class on Labor Day or Columbus Day or Thanksgiving Break 11/27-11/28

All Programming will begin attendance at Beaty Pool but will shift to the new Andreason Center for Wellness in October.


  • Age 17 or younger
  • Must be able to swim a full lap on front and on back with No assistance or
  • Demonstrate a Level 4+ Swimming Ability

$300 for Community Members 

Price billed for Berrien Partnership or Niles Partnership Participants


The Andrews University Youth Swim Club is designed to create a fun and non-competitive atmosphere. Members will improve endurance, speed, efficiency for various swim strokes, and overall fitness. Personal bests are encouraged for our swimmers!


  • Increase endurance: be able to swim longer, continuously, at a consistent pace.
  • Speed: be able to swim at a quick pace for a short, or moderate distance.
  • Attitude: be able to encourage other swim club members and be always ready to do your best.


(These awards will be handed to swimmers on the last day of the semester)

  • Bronze award: be able to swim 6 laps in 10 minutes.
  • Silver award: be able to swim 8 laps in 10 minutes.
  • Gold award: be able to swim 10 laps in 10 minutes.