• Decides on College Class (concurrent/dual/jumpstart)
  • Visits with HS counselor
  • Visits with LCCC Transitional Advisor
  • Takes the Placement scores to high school counselor and LCCC Transitional Advisor
  • Makes appointment to meet with LCC Transitional Advisor
  • Registers for class at LCCC


  • Provides transitional advising
  • Offers placement test procedures to students
  • Assists students with registration paperwork for classes after prerequisites are met
  • Confirms with school if necessary
  • Sends invoice to school district as needed
  • Set up class in colleague
  • Set up billing sponsorship
  • Register students

High School

  • Refers Students to LCCC for transitional advising
  • Reviews ACT scores abd refers for Placement test at LCCC
  • Check students transcripts to see if their is room for Dual class
  • Fills out a referral form for dual classes