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Jordan Fieldschool excavation team at Tell Hesban. Top: Robert Bates (seated),
Elizabeth Bates, Jessica Bates Bottom: 
Jennifer Shrestha, Jonathan Thompson,
 Mandy Womack, Ruth Wankyo, Christopher Jenkins

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Dear Friends of Andrews University

Welcome to our second annual publication, Research and Creative Scholarship at Andrews University, Summer 2011. In the following pages, you will see highlights of a few of the ongoing research projects at Andrews University. These projects range from a quantitative analysis of the effectiveness of the Seventh-day Adventist primary and secondary education system to a search for gravitational ripples in the fabric of the universe...



Hearing the Cosmic Violin: The Search for Gravitational Waves

If a tree fell in the forest outside Livingston, La., and there was no one to hear it, the four kilometer- long LIGO detectors would hear the sound it made. The L-shaped configuration of mirrors and lasers is trained to pick up gravitational waves...


Building Bridges: Pursuing Jewish-Christian Dialogue

Raised in the convergence of three cultures—Jewish, French and Muslim—Jacques Doukhan, professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Exegesis, has been a voice for Jewish-Christian dialogue for several decades...



More than Meets the Eye: The Ceramic Sculptures of Steve Hansen

“Art is a lie that tells the truth,” said Picasso, and Steve Hansen’s art is a study in this duality. Although his sculptures look like metal, they are made of ceramic. They draw on pop culture, but appear to be relics from his rural Midwestern upbringing. And while at first glance his current work appears to be a critique of consumerist culture, it is also infused with his personal concerns and life story...







Incubating Innovators: Desmond Murray and the BEST Early Research Program

On a rainy afternoon in late April, 22 slightly nervous high school seniors sat in the Chemistry Amphitheater at Andrews University. In their hands they held notes for presentations titled, “Hyperbranched Azastilbenes” or “Acetoacetanilide Styryl Dyes.” With complete confidence, the students spoke in pairs about their projects— how they switched reactants and catalysts for better results, the difficulty of trying to isolate their product from the reaction mixture...

Good Things Come in Small Classrooms: The Value of Adventist Education

Those who spend time in an Adventist elementary or high school quickly realize that Adventist schools promote an approach to learning different than most...


Deciphering Layers of History: Biblical Archaeology of the Common Man

Three thousand years ago, a man brought a flock of sheep to the pools at Heshbon. He took a drink of water from a clay jar, set it down, and went to tend to his sheep. When Øystein LaBianca uncovers that same jar, it isn't in quite the same shape. It may be mixed in among a clutter of animal bones, oblong stones and beads. To most, this would be a perplexing pile of debris, but LaBianca can look at a field of seemingly insignificant artifacts and piece together a picture of daily life in Heshbon...


Authorizing Shakespeare: What the Bard Has to Say to Modern Culture

Even in his time, Shakespeare’s plays were progressive: female main characters, soliloquies that question the meaning of life or subvert the tradition of primogeniture. His plays relate universal truths about who we are as humans and how we relate to each other. In their time, they called attention to social oppressions and lauded noble values. Four hundred years later, his authority remains as various directors, actors and producers reinterpret his plays for modern contexts...



Inaugural Year for the Siegfried H. Horn Excellence in Research and Creative Scholarship Award

The annual Siegfried H. Horn Excellence in Research and Creative Scholarship Award has been established to recognize lifetime scholarship achievement of Andrews University faculty members. The associate dean for research identifies names of eligible faculty members who have produced substantial scholarly contributions over the previous five years at Andrews University, and the members of the Scholarly Research Council vote on final recipients. One recipient is selected from each of four faculty categories...


Siegfried H. Horn Award Recipients

The 2011 Horn Award Recipients were Shandelle Henson (Pure and Applied Sciences), Larry Burton (Arts, Humanities and Education), Karen Allen (Professional Programs), and Richard Davidson (Religion and Theology)...




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