Horn Award Recipients

Duane McBride
Sciences and Mathematics

Duane McBride, research professor of sociology and chair of the Department of Behavioral Sciences, has taught in the College of Arts & Sciences since 1986.

He has also been the director of the Institute for Prevention of Addictions since 1998, a visiting fellow of the Institute for Latino Studies at the University of Notre Dame, and an adjunct professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Miami. McBride has obtained a number of external research grants, frequently chairs national grant peer review committees, and provides research leadership for both junior faculty and students.

Under McBride’s leadership, the Department of Behavioral Sciences has become one of the most research productive departments at Andrews. He helped develop a four-course research sequence for majors, which since 2005 has resulted in over 40 student presentations at professional conferences, six of which were award winners, as well as nine papers co-authored by students in peer reviewed journals.

He has published 10 books, 32 book chapters, and 76 journal articles covering a breadth of research interests, including topics such as, drug policy, drug-crime relationship, the evaluation of substance abuse and criminal offender justice treatment programs, and the epidemiology of AIDS in injecting-drug-using populations.

Duane has been awarded a number of honors, including Teacher of the Year, the National Zapara award, the Alumni Award for Community Service, and Advisor of the Year. His work was previously featured in the 2010 issue of this magazine.

Curtis VanderWaal

Curtis VanderWaal is research professor of social work in the College of Arts and Sciences. An alumnus of Andrews University, he returned to teach in the Department of Social Work in 1990.

Before coming to Andrews, VanderWaal worked as a clinical social worker in Detroit and the surrounding area.

He has been involved in an extensive variety of research projects and has impressed his colleagues with his analytical and scholarly ability. He has worked as a project director with Duane McBride on a drug policy project funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. He has also worked closely with the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative, the Institute for Prevention of Addictions, and the National Institute of Justice, as well as many other organizations. He has published numerous articles in leading public health, social work, and behavioral sciences fields, including the American Journal of Public Health, the Journal of Behavioral Health Services Research, and Crime & Delinquency. VanderWaal has also contributed several chapters to books, web pages, and policy manuals. He has presented extensively at conferences on drug policy, criminology, social work, and behavioral sciences conferences across the country and in England.

Many other scholars and some high-impact journals have cited VanderWaal’s many projects on the effects of drug policies on communities and community drug use rates. Together with his research partner and colleague Duane McBride, his research has impacted the behavioral science research in many fields and universities.

VanderWaal encourages students to present and publish their work, contributing to the field as young scholars. He has received the Award for Excellence in Teaching, the Zapara Excellence in Teaching Award, and the Student Advising Award. He is a member of six professional societies including the National Association of Social Workers and the North American Association of Christians in Social Work. His work has been previously featured in the 2010 issue of this magazine.

Jiri Moskala
Religion and Theology

Jiri Moskala, professor of Old Testament exegesis and theology, has taught in the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary since 1999.

Before coming to Andrews, Moskala worked as a pastor in the Czech Republic, Hebrew and Latin tutor at the Comenius Faculty of Protestant Theology in the Czech Republic, as well as a principal and teacher in the Theological Seminary in Prague. He has held several leadership positions in the Czecho-Slovakian Union.

As professor of Old Testament exegesis and theology, Moskala is heavily involved in scholarly activities. In the past five years alone, he has served as the editor of one book, published 10 articles in refereed scholarly journals and 14 professional articles, and has contributed chapters to 13 different books. Additionally, he has presented 47 papers at conferences, and given numerous sermons throughout the world.

He is a member of six professional societies including the Chicago Society of Biblical Research and the Society of Biblical Literature, and has served as the president of the Adventist Theological Society.. Moskala writes extensively for scholarly journals and popular-interest magazines in the United States and the Czech Republic. He has also developed an online Hebrew review course for use in the Seminary.

Steve Hansen
Arts and Humanities

Steve Hansen, professor of art, has taught in the School of Architecture, Art & Design since 1987. He has worked in the mediums of painting, sculpture, and now primarily clay.

His artworks have appeared in nationally recognized scholarly journals including Ceramics Monthly, American Craft Magazine, and Niche Magazine, as well as popular interest magazines such as American Style Magazine and American Contemporary Art. His works appear in academic textbooks such as Extruded Ceramics and The Teapot Book. Steve has exhibited in galleries from St. Joseph to Chicago, Detroit, New York, Boston, Providence, Charlotte, Seattle, Los Angeles and Australia.

His work appears in several museums across the country and he has participated in over 60 individual and group exhibitions. He has won several “Best Ceramics” awards at national juried exhibitions. His exhibitions include the internationally recognized Grand Rapids ArtPrize, and more significantly his multi-year participation in the world’s foremost fair of contemporary decorative arts and design called SOFA, the Sculpture Objects and Functional Art Fair, held each year in New York, Santa Fe and Chicago exhibiting over 100 juried galleries from around the world.

Hansen has also served as the keynote speaker at the 2011 Lakeland Conference for the Fine Arts, and presented papers at regional and international ceramics conferences. Googling “Steve Hansen teapots” will bring up more than 3.5 million results. 

His work has been previously featured in the 2011 issue of this magazine.



Photo From Left to Right: Duane McBride, Curt VanderWaal, Jiri Moskala, Steve Hansen


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