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Research at Andrews

On reading this research report some will wonder what is the use of it all, and why does the University spend time and money on it? But researchers see things differently as they ask, “Why did we not know this before, and what can this new knowledge do for us?” At this point research becomes education, and that explains why good universities invest time and money on it. I hope you enjoy this brief sampling of recent research activities at Andrews....


The Voyage of La Pirata: Studying the Behavior of the Galapágos Marine Iguana

The Galapágos Islands are often described as “unearthly,” and the westernmost island of Fernandina even more so. Its only regular inhabitants are the unique species that live there...



The Benefits of Undergraduate Research

“I’m working on a few different projects,” says Jermaine Henry casually, and then begins to list five or six off...


Student Perspectives: Arianna Lashley

Don’t think about the white polar bear. And now that you’re trying not to think about the polar bear, please proceed to read the rest of this article. You may find yourself not wanting to finish the article, perhaps due to something known as ego depletion. “We think of self-control as a muscle,” says Arianna Lashley, senior behavioral sciences major...


Broadening Horizons: Andrews Students Talk About their Research Participation

More than 50 Andrews University students and faculty attended the 118th annual Michigan Academy of Science, Arts & Letters Conference at Alma College in Alma, Mich. on March 2, 2012...


Student Perspectives: Theron Calkins

Wow! That was a really interesting argument. I never considered the ethical subtext of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight before. I contemplated Matthew Maximiuk’s arguments as I exited the conference room having just introduced myself to him and discussed his presentation...



History of a Historian: Strayer Authors Biography of Loughborough

Despite his prolific contributions to Adventist publications, his role as first historian for the church, and his decades as a missionary throughout the world, there has never been a scholarly biography of J.N. Loughborough...

Solving the Math Anxiety Problem: Determining Causes and Expressions May Lead to a New Teaching Methodology

Ask most elementary or high school kids what their least favorite subject is, and chances are they'll say “math...” 


The Future of Archaeology: Using Modern Technology to Uncover the Past

Of all three sites in the Madaba Plains Project, perhaps nowhere do modern technology and ancient history meet so successfully as at Tell Jalul...

Where Culture and Theology Intersect: Leadership Around the World

Stan Patterson once asked a group of church leaders assembled in Russia, “Which takes precedence in determining our leadership practices, our theology or our culture?” The answer unequivocally came back, “culture.” Patterson was shocked. “I asked myself, how could mature Adventist people make a statement like that, especially when we have such a strong history of making the Bible our standard?....”


Siegfried H. Horn Excellence in Research and Creative Scholarship Awards

The 2012 recipients of the Horn Award were Duane McBride, Curtis Vanderwaal, Jiri Moskala, and Steve Hansen...



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