Horn Award Recipients

Fernando Canale

Religion & Theology

Fernando Canale, emeritus professor of theology and philosophy, joined the Department of Theology & Christian Philosophy at the Seminary in 1985.

Considered by many colleagues as a pioneer Adventist philosopher, Fernando has dedicated his academic career to explaining how good biblical and philosophical principles are crucial to support Adventist doctrines and beliefs.

Before coming to Andrews, Canale worked as an instructor and then professor at River Plate Adventist College in Argentina, as well as a pastor for the Uruguay and Central Argentine Conferences.

He has published six scholarly books—three of which have been translated into other languages—and authored 49 scholarly articles in journals including Andrews University Seminary Studies, Evangelical Quarterly and the Journal of the Adventist Theological Society. Fernando is a member of the Adventist Theological Society, Evangelical Theological Society and American Academy of Religion.

With other colleagues he has recently established the Sola Scriptura Research Group with a task to assist the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the development of a methodology for its theological work. Fernando’s desire and dream is to provide the church with a desperately needed and useful tool for the study of theology.


Winston Craig

Pure & Applied Sciences

Winston Craig, professor of nutrition and chair of the Department of Public Health & Wellness, has taught at Andrews University since 1987.

Under his leadership the department has grown considerably. Craig also directs the dietetics internship program. He is a registered dietitian and holds membership in the American College of Nutrition, the American Society of Nutrition Sciences, the American Dietetic Association and Sigma Xi.

Winston has authored 20 articles for scholarly journals and more than 225 nutrition articles for health publications. He is a regular contributor to Vibrant Life Magazine and the Lake Union Herald and has written seven chapters for various nutrition books. In 2009, he co-authored the American Dietetics Association position paper on vegetarian diets. He is a regular speaker at national and international nutrition conferences. His research interests include the health-promoting properties of phytochemicals, the role of plant-based diet in preventing chronic diseases, and the disease-preventing properties of herbs and spices.

Before coming to Andrews University he was a faculty member at Loma Linda University in California and at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.


Tevni Grajales Guerra

Arts, Humanities & Education

Tevni Grajales Guerra is professor of research and statistical methodology in the School of Education and has taught at Andrews University since 2006.

Prior to teaching at Andrews, Grajales worked as secretary of the Panama Conference of Seventh-day Adventists from 1980 to 1983. He has also worked as the educational supervisor, lay activities director and ADRA director for the Central American Union, and served as president of Central American Adventist University until 1995, when he became the Educational and Research Center Director for Montemorelos University in Mexico, where he worked until 2006.

Tevni has made a reputation as a prolific scholar both in Spanish and in English. Grajales has written five books and has a sixth forthcoming. His many articles have been published in Spanish-language journals such as Revista Internacional de Estudios en educacion and Enfoques, and he has given presentations at conferences around the world. He has recently developed a youth survey in Spanish for the Inter-American Division focused on spiritual identity development and religiosity in young adults. During the past six years he has also published a variety of peer-reviewed journal articles. He is also a member of the American Educational Research Association and the National Educational Council.

Grajales has a reputation for being a very patient and knowledgeable professor who makes graduate-level statistics understandable rather than intimidating. One student says he exudes “an excitement for his subject and advocacy that statistics can be conquered.”

He has won first place in the State Contest of Health Research of Mexico in 2003 and 2004, as well as the Juliaca City Medal awarded in 1999, and several other honorary awards.


Øystein LaBianca

Professional Programs

Øystein LaBianca, professor of anthropology and associate director of the Institute of Archaeology, has taught at Andrews since 1981.

Before coming to Andrews, LaBianca worked at a number of other universities including Harvard University, Loma Linda University, Atlantic Union College, St. Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Ind., and also at the New England Deaconness Hospital in Boston.

LaBianca is an active researcher, spending many of his summers in Jordan at archaeological excavation sites like Tall Hisban. He has published almost every year since 1975, completing over 100 peer-reviewed articles and one monograph and edited and co-edited dozens of volumes. His work on ancient food and water systems has major implications for food systems management today. He has also published numerous articles in journals such as Current Anthropology, Andrews University Seminary Studies, Social Work in Health Care and American Journal of Archaeology. He is a member of 12 professional organizations including the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR), the Archaeological Institute of America, and the Society for International Development. He has also served as a committee chair for ASOR since 2008.

LaBianca has obtained external funding for research and community service from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the McGregor Foundation, the U.S. Department of Education and the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters.


From Left to Right: Øystein LaBianca, Fernando L. Canale, Winston Craig, Tevni Grajales Guerra

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