STEM Internships, Research Opportunities,Scholarships, and Fellowships

  • Michael Hernandez—Adventist Health System Internship
  • Lucas Kontes—Tyco Retail Solutions Internship
  • Luis Rios—Cisco Systems Internship
  • Christopher Sutton—Electrical Engineering Internship at Diveleiss 

Research Scholarships and Fellowships

  • Belinda Cheeseboro—Kitt Peak National Observatory (REU)
  • Craig Dujon—Research with Henson
  • Hazel Ezeribe—Zebra fish research with Lyons
  • Re’Jeanne Greene—Research with Navia
  • Yudy Guzman—Research with M. Murray
  • Andrew Hong—Research with Nowack
  • Luke Kang—Collecting data at Johns Hopkins for Honors Research Project
  • Viktoria Kolpocoff—Research with Long
  • Joanne Lee—Research with M. Murray
  • Adrianne Magsipoc—Research with D. Murray
  • Wade Saint Martin—Seabird Ecology Team with Hayward & Henson
  • Mateja Plantak—Issachar Fellowship with Dr. Gary Burdick
  • Michael Plantak—Research with Hayes
  • Robert Polski—Center for Research on Interface Structures & Phenomena at Yale (REU)
  • Ashley Reichert—Seabird Ecology Team with Hayward & Henson
  • Zach Reichert—SeaBird Ecology Team, Mayo Clinic Research Fellowship with Dr. John Henley
  • Isabel Stafford—Applied Mathematics at North Carolina State University (REU)
  • Rosanne Thornhill—Research with Ahlberg
  • Wayanne Watson—Seabird Ecology Team with Hayward & Henson
  • Sumiko Weir—Seabird Ecology Team with Hayward & Henson
  • Eric You—Research with Hayes
  • Thomas Zirkle—Summer Fellowship at Argonne National Laboratory 
  • Andrew Roderick & Brian Booth—Dane Systems, LLC
  • Bernardo Martinez—Auto Owners Insurance (Computer Science Intern)
  • Carrielle Simmons—University of Virginia School of Medicine (Summer pre-med/pre-dent internship)
  • Haniel Olivera—Milara Inc. (Drawing assembly procedures for a robot and parts for a laser)
  • Nina Lassonnier—Cummins Inc. (Product Validation Engineering Intern) 

Research Internships and Fellowships

  • Andre Moncrieff—Tambopata Research Center in Peru (Census of Birds in the rainforest)
  • Camille Martin—MeadWestvaco (Summer research internship)
  • Kylynda Bauer—Harvard University’s Center for Systems Biology (Turnbaugh Lab)
  • Satoshi Thiele—Loma Linda University (Biochemical problems with Dr. Neidigh)
  • Thomas Zirkle—National Institute of Standards and Technology (Summer Fellowship)
  • Timothy Iuliano—Research Assistant for Dr. Kwon
  • William Tritch—Lincoln Univ. of Nebraska (Partial Differential Equations) 


  • Luis Garibay—Northwestern University of Evanston, IL (Raman spectroscopy with Dr. Richard P. Van Duyne)


NSF Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) Fellowships

  • Eric "Siggy" Scott — Sante Fe Institute (mentored by J. Doyne Farmer)