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Andrews University desires to be a place where all people are welcome. Occasionally, however, an individual’s behavior threatens or negatively affects the health, safety, or well-being of a member of the University community, or disrupts or interferes with the University’s operations.  As a private property owner, Andrews University retains the right to determine who is, and who is not, allowed on its campus.  Banning someone from the campus of Andrews University is not designed to be arbitrary; rather, a ban should only be issued after careful deliberation and for the benefit of the University community and its members.

This webpage lists individuals that have been banned from University owned properties. This information is available without any express or implied warranty as to its accuracy. The information on this webpage may not accurately reflect the most current status or other information regarding a banned subject. The information on this page is not designed to reflect or insinuate any criminal activity or conviction, but solely identifies the banned subject. Although every effort is made to maintain accurate records on this webpage, no action should be taken as a result of information found herein.

While individuals are banned from University property for specific reasons, this webpage will only list the persons currently under a ban. If additional information is necessary, you may submit a formal inquiry by email to the, for consideration or by calling 269-471-3321.

This list should not be used by individuals subject to a ban to determine if their ban is still active. All bans remain in effect until rescinded via written notice by the Risk Management/ Campus Safety Committee.

Information contained on this webpage is considered as "For Official Use Only" and may only be used by University employees for official University business.

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Banned Individuals


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