Citation Information and Amounts

So you have received a citation... be assured, you have options!
  1. Within 10 business days after receiving your citation, you may pay the full amount by cash, check, credit card or charge to your Andrews University account.
  2. You may appeal your citation. See the Citation Appeals page for more information.

Please note that all citations must be either paid or appealed within 10 days of the date of the citation.  If a citation is not paid or appealed within the 10 days, and you have a valid Andrews University account, the charges will automatically be applied to your Andrews account after the 10th day.

The Director of the Office of Campus Safety does not intervene in the Appeals Process in order to maintain the consistency and integrity of the process.




Citation Amount

Failure to Register for Parking Permit $ 45.00
Restricted Parking $ 40.00
Overtime Parking $ 30.00
No Parking Zone $ 40.00
Blocking Driveway/Roadway $ 35.00
Blocking Vehicle $ 35.00
No Parking - Fire Lane $ 45.00
No Parking - Handicap Zone $130.00
Parked on the Grass (Repair Additional) $ 40.00
Parked on the Sidewalk $ 40.00
No Overnight Parking $ 35.00
No Parking - Loading Zone $ 35.00
Failure to Yield $ 45.00
Failure to Stop at Gatehouse $150.00
Failure to Stop for Stop Sign $ 75.00
Failure to Stop for Campus Safety Employee $ 65.00
Failure to Stop for School Bus $105.00
Non-Criminal Trespassing $250.00
No Plates $ 55.00
Speeding 1-14 mph Over Limit $ 40.00
Speeding 15-19 mph Over Limit $ 50.00
Speeding 20-24 mph Over Limit $ 65.00
Speeding 25+ mph Over Limit $ 75.00


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