Undergraduate Tutoring Services (GNST 091)

GNST 091:  Academic Tutoral Support is an undergraduate class.  Students must register and apply for the course through the Student Success Center by emailing the Tutoring Manager, at tutoring@andrews.edu.  This class can be taken for 1-4 credits.  There is open registration throughout the semester and no late registration fee.  Students are given a grade for GNST 091 at the end of the semester.  "S" is a Satisfactory grade and "U" is an Unsatisfactory grade.  The basic requirements for an "S" is to have attended 80% of scheduled tutoring sessions and actively participated in sessions.  The Tutorial Services staff tracks attendance based on Zoom sessions.  Absences will not be excused without adequate documentation being provided.


Students who request tutoring must be registered for the undergradate course for which they have requested help.  When a student registers for 1 credit of tutoring they receive two sessions a week.  Each of these sesions is 50 minutes. (2 credits = 4 sessions. etc.)  Students will not be charged beyond the discounted undergraduate tuitions package if the GNST 091 credit is within the 12-16 credit tuition package.

**Some Senior level major courses may be difficult to find tutors for.**