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Student Success Center
Nethery Hall Suite 210
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The Andrews University Student Success Center is a comprehensive student service facility dedictated to helping undergraduate students:

  • Work toward achieving their academic goals
  • Develop stronger academic success strategies
  • Connect with resources as they make plans for the future


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the desire to maintain the health and safety of students and staff, the Student Success Center will continue to provide academic services, however, in an alternate delivery method that follows the guidelines set forth by the university.  We will provide remote meetings (using Zoom, Teams, telephone) over in – person meetings.

Disability Accommodation      (all students)

The Student Success Center gives careful evaluation of disability documentation to facilitate and coordinate appropriate academic and accessibility accommodations.


(Undergraduate Students)

The Student Success Center facilitates collaboration between the student, advisor, faculty and support services to help the student succeed.

(Undergraduate Students)

Students are expencte to maintain the following minimum academic performance standards:

  • Successfully complete at least 66.67% of all courses attempted following initial enrollment.
  • Maintain an overall GPA of at least 2.00 (average grade of C)

If a student fails to maintain an overall GPA of 2.00 (on a 4.00 system), his/her enrollment category is changed to probationary. Follow this link in order to understand more about Academic Performance Standards.


Academic Tutorial Support is a remedial or developmental undergraduate class.  Students must register and apply for the course in the Student Success Center.  This class can be taken for 1-4 credits.  There is open registration throughout the semester and no late registration fee.  
Students who request tutoring must be registered for the undergradate course for which they have requested help.  When a student registers for 1 credit of tutoring they receive two sessions a week.  Each of these sesions is 50 minutes.

Undergraduate Success Advising is academic advising to students who are accepted to Andrews University, but may need academic support and skill building.  

A Success Advisor, through the Student Success Center, will advise them. They will receive skills assessments and will be placed in classes selectively to enhance their academic success. 

Darla Smothers-Morant

Director, Student Success Center 


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