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Resources for Tutors

Basic Tutor Guidelines
  •  Remember that as a tutor you are an additional resource to help students succeed. Your time and efforts are valuable.
  •  When tutees repeatedly ask simple questions, remember that the only stupid question is the question not asked.

  • Your lifestyle choices and value systems may not agree with your tutee’s. be sensitive to these differences and make sure that you do not impose you lifestyle choice and value systems on your tutee.

Study Skills

        Many students come to college with little study skills preparation. They may not have needed to study in high school or to be organized. Study skills and time management skills are crucial strategies that you as a tutor can share with your tutees, and you may have more study and time management skills than you realize.

        To be selected as a tutor, you must have a demonstrated academic record of achievement. To have earned a demonstrated academic record of achievement, you must utilize study time and time management skill in everyday college life. Preparing for college studies is like jumping through hoops at a circus. College studies may be challenging, but with the right tools, the hoops of college do not have to be on fire.      
        Take a few minutes to contemplate how you study. How do you study for a test? How do you write a paper? Do the strategies that you use to study for a Math class also work for an English or History class? Why or why not?
         Many students find that making flash cards from 3”x 5” index cards is very helpful in memorizing items of lists such as mathematics equations and history facts. However, most students have not made flash cards before; they will need instruction on how to use tem. Consider how flash cards could be used to memorize a mathematical equation. The equation name should be written on one side of the card with the mathematics symbols and description of the equations use on the other side.      
         Time management is also a crucial skill for college students. For some people, time management is a natural part of organizing the day. Others need instruction on how to decide what can and cannot be accomplished in one day.

Active Listening and Paraphrasing

Our role as a tutor is multifaceted indeed. Not only are you expected to know everything the student bring to you, but you should also be able to explain it in a way that they will immediately understand. One of the most important abilities you will need to develop are the communication skills of active listening and paraphrasing
       It is sometimes important for the tutor to summarize when the student has all the information “on the table” but might not know it. If possible, try to get the student to do the paraphrasing. Again, the more talking that you do, the more rreliant the student will be on you.
     In order to make the student interested in the subject that you are tutoring, one should do their best to actively engage the student in the learning process, one should not merely lecture on some isolated topic such as adding positive and negative integers without first trying to use the student’s own experience. One may ask questions that will help students develop the concept.

More Time Management

Many students do not know to begin studying for a test or writing a paper several days before it is due. Make sure that your tutees know of some of the rules and strategies of time management.

Keep a daily planner with all appointments, assignments, and due dates.

Schedule a specific time for homework and studying. Try to keep this time the same throughout the week or coordinating with your class schedule (TR and MWF).

Make a list of homework assignments and activities (extra-curricular, too!) to be completed each day. Plan specific amounts of time for each assignment or activity. Use the checklist to gauge you progress during the day.

Allow extra time for big tests and projects. They always take longer than you expect.

Plan to review information or practice problems from a class within one hour, within one day, within one week, and within one month.




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