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Waiting on the world to change?

Wait no longer.  The Changes component of the co-curriculum helps you learn and grow through out-of-class experiences.  Here's how it works:

1.  Obtain a Changes form.  This form has two parts:

  • a Contract to be filled out before the experience
  • an Assessment to be completed after the experience 

Changes forms can be picked up at the Student Life office or downloaded here.  Forms must be completed and filed with the Student Life office no later than one week before the last day of regular classes (before final exam week). 

Changes planner
Click here to learn more about planning for a Changes experience.

2.  Choose a Learning Placement.  This may be a:

  • student organization
  • campus ministry
  • campus or community workplace
  • undergraduate research opportunity
  • personal wellness group
  • community agency
  • local church
  • athletic organization
  • professional conference 

You may apply for credit in a single placement category no more than four times.

3.  Select a Placement Advisor.  This person may be an:

  • athletic coach
  • chaplain or pastor
  • counselor
  • professor
  • residence hall dean
  • student organization sponsor
  • workplace supervisor

Advisors must be directly involved with your chosen experience and either be a full-time Andrews employee or someone approved by the Student Life office. 

4.  Be actively involved for up to 10 hours.  This may be leading out, volunteering, working, practicing, performing, etc. 

5.  Reflect on your experience.  You will be asked to reflect on:

Your Advisor will also offer observations and verify your hours of participation.

6.  Receive co-curricular credits.  A satisfactorily completed ELF will result in up to ten co-curricular credits (one per hour).  These will not apply toward the Tuesday/Thursday minimum or the Residence Hall minimum.  Only one ELF may be completed per semester.

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