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A Guide to Going Green at Andrews

We love these top ten ideas

from Ashleigh Burtnett, a fourth-year Journalism student at Andrews.  Her piece first appeared in the Student Movement, Andrews’ student newspaper.

1. Power-down.  Even if your appliances are inactive or switched off, they still consume power, which wastes energy and racks up your bill.  So unplug things like your television, laptop charger, hair straightener and cell phone charger when you’re not using them.

2. Tune up.  Schedule regular maintenance on your car to help burn less gas, pollute less and prevent car trouble.  Pump up.  If every car owner sustained properly inflated tires we could save almost two billion gallons of gas each year!  So do it.  Team up.  One word: carpool.  Clean up.  Don’t be a packrat.  Remove unnecessary from your car.  All the extra weight is zapping your fuel economy.

3.  Make it quick.  On average, each person uses 123 gallons of water per day!  Approximately 60 gallons of that comes from a single 10-minute shower.  So do your part in conserving water by cutting your shower time by two minutes to save 12 gallons.  This is excellent for those who enjoy the all-natural look: “Why are your legs so prickly, Suzie?  Oh, I’m conserving water.”  That’s right, be proud.

4.  Blue-box it.  Yeah, yeah, no recycling utilities on campus [yet]; but that’s no excuse.  The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that each person produces 4.5 pounds of trash every day.  To find a recycling center near you, go to  And remember: You cannot recycle Styrofoam peanuts, broken glass, any kind of soiled paper, cardboard boxes or containers, or aerosol cans.  Practically everything else is a go.

5.  Charitize.  Never throw away clothes (except, maybe… you know).  Give them to friends, a local church or charity, or Freecycle it at  Check it.

6.  Go mobile.  Purchase a water filter and reusable aluminum or plastic bottle for your water.  When you purchase one-liter bottles from the store, you are actually consuming six liters.  That’s because it takes five liters of water for the manufacturer to actually cool the plastic.  I learned that from watching Oprah.

7.  Hug a tree.  Receipts from the ATM and gas station are one of the biggest sources of litter on the planet, and most people can do without them.  By leaving the receipts in the machine, it will save over three billion feet of paper.  That’s enough to circle the globe 22 times.

8.  Beg, borrow or steal.  But mostly borrow.  Instead of shopping for new clothes, try ransacking your roommate’s closet – with permission, mind you.  There’s one company, Bag, Borrow or Steal, that allows you to “borrow” designer handbags, belts, and other prices for a flat, monthly member ship fee.  That way, you can quench your desire for the perfect “alla moda tendenza” (that’s ‘fashionable trend’ in Italian) without overtaxing the planet’s resources.  Cool, huh?

9.  Two-Mile Challenge.  If your destination is equal to or less than two miles away, leave the car parked, and take a stroll!  This will decrease gas emissions, which cut down on pollution, your gas bill and the climate crisis all at the same time.  It’s also a guaranteed weight loss program. 

10.  Spread the word.  The world has become keenly interested in turning Grinchingly-green.  So broadcast your newfound knowledge exponentially by telling everyone you meet.

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