American English is a richly varied language, full of choices and here at Andrews University, we are blessed to have a melting pot of languages. This style guide is not an effort to anoint one of two or more choices as being "correct." The Andrews University style guide is simply a list of the choices that have been made, mainly for consistency. The choices made in this style guide resulted from participation by the entire University Communication staff, consultation with various segments of the University, and consideration of the preferences, needs and requirements of our several audiences.

This style guide notes specific rules and usages to be followed by writers and editors in the Office of University Communication and other campus departments. It adheres primarily to the Associated Press Stylebook. The Associated Press Stylebook is used specifically for news releases, FOCUS, Andrews Agenda, brochures and documents targeting general audiences.

For other general rules, use a primary style guide that pertains to the publication you are writing or editing.

Additional questions regarding this style guide may be directed to the editorial manager at or 269-471-3315. You may also wish to download a modified AP Style Cheat Sheet



abbreviations and acronyms
Abbreviations or acronyms are appropriate in some situations, particularly when dealing with a long college name or title. Attempt to find other ways to identify the subject rather than using an acronym repeatedly. When used, always spell out names first.
Guidance on how to use a particular abbreviation or acronym is provided in alphabetized entries.
Spell out state names according to the Associated Press Stylebook guidelines.

academic degrees
We follow the style of no punctuation in academic degree abbreviations. This is an exception to AP style.

BA, BS, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science
MA, MS, Master of Arts, Master of Science
EdD, PhD, Doctor of Education, Doctor of Philosophy
MBA, Master of Business Administration

Do not add the word "degree" after an abbreviation of the degree.
Wrong: She'll receive her PhD degree this fall.
Right: She'll receive her PhD this fall.

Wrong: She has a BA degree in chemistry.
Right: She has a bachelor's degree in chemistry.
Right: She has a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering. (See capitalization)

academic departments
(See departments)

(See abbreviations and acronyms)

advisor is the preferred usage, not adviser.

Andrews University
Our official name is “Andrews University,” but using simply “Andrews” is an acceptable secondary reference in news releases, feature articles and publications. (The official name should be used in some situations, such as academic publications). To enhance name recognition, “Andrews” is the preferred casual reference, not “AU.”

academic titles (see titles)

Use the abbreviations Ave (Avenue), Blvd (Boulevard), Dr (Drive) and St (Street) only with a numbered address: 8700 W Campus Circle Dr. Spell them out and capitalize when part of a formal street name without a number: W Campus Circle Drive. Lowercase and spell out when used alone or with more than one street name: W and E Campus Circle Drives. Refer to for a complete list of University addresses.

Administration Building (AD)
Offices of the President, Provost, VP for University Advancement, VP for Diversity & Inclusion, VP for Financial Administration, General Counsel, Graduate Enrollment, International Student Services & Programs, dean's office for School of Graduate Studies, Academic Records, Accounts Payable, Human Resources (including Employee Services, Payroll and Benefits), Financial Records, Marketing & Enrollment Management, Student Financial Services, Student Visits, Undergraduate Enrollment

Adventist Church
Always use Seventh-day Adventist Church on first reference, capitalizing "C" for the world church. Use a lower case "c" for local congregations, church members, etc.

Adventist Colleges Abroad (ACA)
Andrews University co-sponsors Adventist Colleges Abroad, a program for qualified students to study overseas while completing requirements for an Andrews degree.

Adventist Information Ministry (AIM)
AIM is the evangelistic call center of Seventh-day Adventist media ministries located on the campus of Andrews University in the Information Services building.

The preferred term is black. Use African-American only in quotations or the names of organizations or if individuals describe themselves so.

Agriculture Annex
Houses a laboratory and classroom.

Agriculture Building (AG)
Houses a reading room and faculty offices.

Alumni House (AH)
Houses the Office of Alumni Services.

Proper usage is as follows:
alumnus - one male graduate
alumni - more than one male graduate or a mixture of male and female graduates
alumna - one female graduate
alumnae - more than one female graduate
Alum (or alums in the plural) is an acceptable non-gender specific colloquial term

a.m., p.m.
Lowercase, with periods, with the exception of certain design requirements. Avoid the redundant "10 a.m. this morning."

Spell out the word rather than using the ampersand (&) unless it is part of an entity's formal name: AT&T, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, etc.

Andrea Luxton
The correct spelling of the name of Andrews University's sixth president.

Andrews Academy (AA)
One of two University schools, a coeducational day school for grades 9–12.

Andrews Agenda
The official online news and events vehicle for Andrews University.

Andrews Community Counseling Center (ACCC)
Located in Bell Hall, the Andrews Community Counseling Center (ACCC) consists of five counseling rooms, a waiting room and reception area. It provides professional counseling and psychological services at no cost.

Andrews University Bookstore (BKS)
The bookstore sells required textbooks, trade books, Andrews gear and general supplies. Currently under the operation of Barnes & Noble. Also houses the Client Help Center for Information Technology Services and related computer software/hardware needs.

Andrews University Airpark (AAP)
Licensed by the state of Michigan as a general utility airport (C-20), services include flight instruction, maintenance instruction, aviation fuel (100LL), and a full-service aircraft repair center along with hanger and tie-down facilities. Andrews' air traffic unicom frequency is 122.7. The airpark consists of the Robert Seamount Building (instructional), the Tucker Building (repair station), the new Simulator Building and a total of four hangers.

Andrews University Press
The primary academic publishing house for the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Located in the Sutherland House.

Andrews University Student Association (AUSA)
Undergraduate student government sponsored through the Division of Campus & Student Life.

apostrophe (')
See entry in punctuation section.

Apple Valley Market (AV)
An all-vegetarian food market located adjacent to the Andrews University campus.

Lowercase unless using official name: Andrews University Campus Arboretum or Office of the Arboretum

archaeology, not archeology

Architecture (ARCH)
Houses the School of Architecture & Interior Design offices, architecture studios and classrooms, and the Architecture Resource Center.

Architecture Resource Center (ARC)
Located in the School of Architecture & Interior Design, ARC is a branch of the James White Library providing a collection of resources for the study and research of architecture. The ARC currently holds a collection of more than 25,000 books and 106 periodical titles.

Art & Design Center (ADC)
Houses studios, offices and classrooms used by the Department of Visual Art, Communication & Design.

assistant or associate
See titles

Capitalize them: J.N. Andrews Medallion, President's Medallion, Daniel A. Augsburger Excellence in Teaching Award, Staff Excellence in Service Award, Spiritual Life Award, Siegfried H. Horn Excellence in Research & Creative Scholarship Award, etc.



Beaty Gym (BGYM)
Houses the swimming pool, racquetball courts, Gymnics practice gym and offices.

Beaver Point
Located behind the Forsyth Honors House, this area is used as a campground for recreational vehicles.

Acceptable in all references to a calendar year in the period before Christ.

Bell Hall (BH)
Houses the School of Education departments, classrooms and offices. The Counseling & Testing Center (CTC), Office of Institutional Effectiveness, University Center for Reading & Learning Assessment (UCRLA) and Department of Speech-Language, Pathology & Audiology are also located here.

Berrien RESA (Regional Education Service Agency) Mathematics & Science Center
An advanced math and science program provided to Berrien County high school students with offices in Smith Hall.

Capitalize, without quotation marks, when referring to the Scriptures in the Old Testament or the New Testament. Capitalize also related terms such as the Gospels (referring to the first four books of the New Testament), Gospel of St. Mark, the Scriptures, the Holy Scriptures.
Lowercase biblical in all uses.
Lowercase bible as a nonreligious term: My dictionary is my bible.
Do not abbreviate individual books of the Bible.

Board of Trustees
Capitalize when used in full; on second reference, “board” (lowercase without modifiers) is acceptable. Official name is Andrews University Board of Trustees.

book titles
Use quotation marks around the title of books. Do not italicize or underline.

See Andrews University Bookstore

See entry in punctuation section.

Buller Hall (BUL)
Part of the Undergraduate Learning Center: Buller Hall and Nethery Hall. Houses the Departments of Behavioral Sciences, History & Political Science, International Languages & Global Studies, and Religion & Biblical Languages. Also houses the Office of Research & Creative Scholarship, Newbold Auditorium, the Rose Chapel and the Randall Student Lounge. Connected to Nethery Hall with an enclosed upper-level bridge.

Burman Hall (BURM)
Men's residence hall for upper-division and graduate students.

The rules in prefixes apply, but in general, no hyphen.



Campus & Student Life
Areas under the Division of Campus & Student Life include student activities, athletics, campus safety, counseling & testing, campus ministries, student health and residence life. Located in the Campus Center.

Campus Center (CC)
Houses the offices of Student Life, Student Activities & Involvement, student organizations and publications, the Mutch Recreation Center, Dining Services, the Gazebo, Campus Ministries, Student Life & Leadership Lab, Undergraduate Leadership, University Wellness.

Campus Safety (SFTY)
Houses the Office of Campus Safety and dispatch center. Responsible for on-campus security. Located at 4355 International Court.

Capitalize official names; lowercase unofficial, informal, shortened or generic names. This rule applies to offices, buildings, departments, divisions, programs, centers and services. Capitalize official nicknames when the original name is capitalized.
Capitalize national holidays but lowercase unofficial words following the holiday: Christmas day, Thanksgiving break, Memorial Day holiday
Lowercase school breaks: Christmas vacation, spring break, Thanksgiving break, midterm break, winter break
Lowercase seasons: spring, summer, fall (autumn), winter
For capitalization on specific words, refer to the case used for each entry in this style guide

academic degrees
When referring to degrees in general, lowercase and use the possessive for bachelor's and master's.

Wrong: More than 1,000 students earned Bachelor’s degrees.
Right: More than 1,000 students earned bachelor's degrees.

Wrong: Fewer than a dozen people hold Doctorates in this field.
Right: Fewer than a dozen people hold doctorates in this field.

Do not capitalize formal names of degrees.
Wrong: He was the fourth generation of Smiths to earn a Master of Arts in Economics at Andrews University.
Right: He was the fourth generation of Smiths to earn a Master of Arts in economics at Andrews University.

academic titles
Capitalize University Distinguished Professor and Alumni Distinguished Professor (including the academic discipline, if provided) in all uses and Fellow when referring to a person being named a Fellow of a professional organization.
Use the full names and capitalize professorships, endowed chairs and scholarships.

Capitalize formal names of colleges and divisions of the University. Lowercase informal references.
Right: College of Arts & Sciences
Wrong: In the Business College, professors stress economics and quantum topics over management and human factors studies.

Lowercase when describing courses in general; uppercase the specific course or program.
Right: I took Organic Chemistry, Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology, General Physics Lab, and Elementary Calculus. I passed two of them but still was dropped from the Biochemistry Program.
Right: He is enrolled in a mathematics course, two literature courses, and a physical education class.

dean, dean's list
dean, dean's list (upper case only before a dean's name)

Department of History (but history department, English department).

Office of ...
Using "Office of" is standard for all campus offices unless otherwise noted.
Example: Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Titles preceding a personal name are uppercased. The title is lowercased when it stands alone or follows a personal name. This includes professor, assistant professor, and associate professor, which is an exception to AP style.
Right: President Andrea Luxton; Andrea Luxton, president of Andrews University; the president
Right: Meredith Jones Gray, chair of the Department of English

Uppercase "University" when referring to Andrews University in the text.

Student yearbook

Cardinal mascot
The official Andrews University mascot is the male cardinal bird. Often appears at sporting and social events in a costume.

Capitalize the official name of Andrews University's varsity athletic teams. Includes men's and women's basketball and soccer, and men's hockey.
Example: The Cardinals basketball team will play tonight.

Center of Continuing Education for Ministry (CCEM)
Provides continuing education for ministry employees of the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Located in the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary.

Center for Adventist Research (CAR)
Located in the lower level of the James White Library, the CAR contains historical materials and resources on Seventh-day Adventist history and Ellen G. White, a key founder of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination. The Center holds the largest collection of research materials on Seventh-day Adventism in the world. The University Archives are also housed there.

Center for Intensive English Programs
Assesses language proficiency and offers instructional classes for students whose first language is not English. Located in Nethery Hall.

Chan Shun Hall (CSH)
The home of the School of Business Administration. Includes classrooms, computer lab, Garber Auditorium and the Whirlpool Conference Room.

College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)
Consists of 15 departments offering a broad and diverse education. In addition to the programs offered by the departments, the college provides a variety of pre-professional programs in the fields of health, medicine and pre-law.

Center for Statistical Services
Provides help with all aspects of empirical research. Located in Bell Hall.

Center for Youth Evangelism (CYE)
An organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, CYE provides youth ministry programming and resources throughout the North American Division (NAD) and the world church.

Center of Continuing Education for Ministry
Housed in the InMinistry Center at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, the center primarily serves ministers in the North American Division with continuing education.

Children's Learning Center
Commonly referred to as The Crayon Box, this on-campus daycare facility is located in Marsh Hall.

Christian Leadership Center
An organization providing inspiration, ongoing leadership development, coaching, consultation and research for a network of church and community leadership throughout the world. The office is located in the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary.

Lowercase freshman, sophomore, junior, senior.

colleges and schools
Capitalize when using the full, official name.
Official names of the university schools are as follows:
Andrews Academy
College of Arts & Sciences
Ruth Murdoch Elementary School
School of Architecture & Interior Design
School of Business Administration
School of Distance Education & International Partnerships
School of Education
School of Graduate Studies
School of Health Professions
Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary

colleges and schools in second or third references
Andrews Academy: AA
College of Arts & Sciences: CAS
Ruth Murdoch Elementary School: RMES
School of Architecture & Interior Design: SAID
School of Business Administration: SBA
School of Distance Education & International Partnerships: SDEIP
School of Education: SED
School of Graduate Studies: GRAD
School of Health Professions: SHP
Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary: SEM

Casual reference may drop "College of" or "School of." Example: She is a senior at the academy. He is studying in the seminary.

See “punctuation"

No "s" -- do not use Department of Communications

A local area consisting of a number of church congregations.

courtesy titles
In general, do not use Mr., Miss, Mrs., or Ms.
Do not use Dr. except in first reference to medical doctors or psychiatrists. Use abbreviations of degrees (see abbreviations: academic degrees) after an individual's name when needed to establish credentials. However, do not use both Dr. and degree abbreviations at the same time; e.g. Dr. Jane Smith, D.V.M.

Custodial Services (CUST)
Houses personnel responsible for cleaning and upkeep of the interiors of campus buildings. Also warehouses office equipment and large material shipments.



dairy (DAIRY)
An educational research-focused facility offering students experience at a commercial operation. The size of the milking herd ranges from 600-650 cows which produce more than 2.5 million gallons of milk annually.

Damazo Hall (DH)
Women's residence hall for Andrews University. Mainly for graduate students.

Use lowercase except for words that are proper nouns or adjectives: nursing department, English department; when department is part of the official and formal name use capitalization: Andrews University Department of Nursing.
Spell out the official name on first reference and revert to abbreviations afterward if desired.
Wrong: Tom Goodwin teaches in the biology department at Andrews University, located in Price Hall in the Science Complex.
Right: Tom Goodwin teaches in the Andrews University Department of Biology.
Secondary reference: The biology department is located in Price Hall in the Science Complex.

See “academic degrees”

Dining Services
Use this term in place of food services or cafeteria.

Distance Learning & Instructional Technology (DLiT)
Provides training and support for faculty members in the production and delivery of instructional technology. Also assists students taking correspondence, online, video-based or audio-based courses. Located in Griggs Hall B.

Division of Campus & Student Life
Responsible for oversight of student activities, programming, discipline and leadership. Located in the Campus Center.

Division of Financial Administration
Responsible for oversight of the financial operation of the University. Located on the third floor of the Administration Building.

Division of Marketing & Enrollment Management
Responsible for marketing, recruitment and admission of prospective students. Located on the first floor of the Administration Building.

Division of University Advancement
Responsible for oversight of development, fundraising, planned giving and alumni services. Located on the third floor of the Administration Building.

duplicating center
Lowercase unless using official name: LithoTech

Dwight K. Nelson
The preferred format for the name of the lead pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church.



Ellen G. White Estate Branch Office
Located within the Center for Adventist Research in the James White Library, it contains a complete set of the letters and manuscripts of Ellen G. White. It also has copies of her books and articles, and thousands of pages of other documents related to the history and development of the Adventist Church.

em dash
Do not insert spaces on either side. Exception to AP style.

One word, no hyphen. Lowercase “e” unless used as a heading or at the beginning of a sentence: Email

email and web addresses
The preferred style for Web addresses is to leave off the "http://"  and www. Use "http://" if it is not followed by "www" and use the protocol if it is something other than "http://."
Individuals can always opt to use the protocol as long as they are consistent within a publication.
When a Web address ends a sentence, finish with a period.

en dash
Used to depict a range, i.e. 7–9 p.m. or July–September



farm (FARM)
Grows about 850 acres of corn used to feed the cows at the Andrews University Dairy, in addition to peach and apple orchards.

boldface—do not use boldface for individual words within a paragraph.

Forsyth Honors House (FHH)
The Forsyth Honors House is a recreational building on campus dedicated for Honors use. The University, aided by volunteer efforts, has modified the former apartments in the Forsyth complex to host Honors activities. Forsyth House is open during the week for individual study for Honors students. Others may rent portions of the building for a modest fee.



Golden Hearts
Graduates of 50+ years

Greek Manuscript Research Center (GMRC)
Housed in the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, the GMRC holds one of the largest collections of microfilmed Greek manuscripts in North America.

Griggs Hall A
Houses the Office of University Communication, including photography studio.

Griggs Hall B
Houses offices for the School of Distance Education & International Partnerships, Griggs International Academy, Development, Planned Giving & Trust Services and the Adventist Learning Community.

Grove (The)
Located adjacent to Custodial Services. Includes a covered picnic pavilion.

See “Johnson Gymnasium”



Halenz Hall (HH)
The wing of the Science Complex that houses the Departments of Chemistry & Biochemistry and Medical Laboratory Sciences.

Hamel Hall (HML)
Houses the Department of Music offices, rehearsal rooms and Music Materials Center.

Harrigan Hall (HAR)
Houses the School of Health Professions dean's office, Department of Engineering chair's office and a classroom, some faculty offices for Department of Visual Art, Communication & Design, photography darkrooms, Jeanmarie Harrigan Gallery, LithoTech and Imaging Services.

Harrigan Hall Computer Lab
Used primarily by graphic and web design students, this lab houses Mac computers for student use.

Haughey Hall (HYH)
The wing of the Science Complex that houses classrooms and faculty offices for Departments of Computing, Physics and Mathematics.

Horn Archaeological Museum (HORN)
The Siegfried H. Horn Museum, part of the Institute of Archaeology at Andrews University, houses over 8,500 ancient Near-Eastern artifacts, including coins, pottery, sculptures, tools, weapons, figurines, jewelry, seals and glass vessels. The museum also sponsors a lecture series and houses over 3,000 ancient cuneiform tablets from Sumerian through Neo-Babylonian times.

Howard Performing Arts Center (HPAC)
A premiere performance hall with seating for 850. The building is also home to Andrews University's classical music radio station, WAUS 90.7 FM.



Information Services (IS)
This building houses Adventist Information Ministry (AIM), Telecommunications and Information Technology Services (ITS).

Information Technology Services (ITS)
Provides a variety of services for faculty, staff and students including support of administrative records systems, networking infrastructure, telecommunications and support for faculty, staff and student computer use including email, email forwarding and personal web space. Located in the Information Services building.

InMinistry Center
A ministry of the North American Division, it specializes in providing off-campus seminary education and houses the Center of Continuing Education for Ministry. Located in the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary.

Institute for Prevention of Addictions (IPA)
Fosters educational programs, performs research and provides specialized resource services and consultations about the use and abuse of drugs as well as other addictions and risk behaviors. Located in the IPA building next to Sutherland House.

Institute of Archaeology
Coordinates the archaeological programs and activities of the University. Located in the Horn Museum on Hwy M-139.

Institute of Church Ministry
An entity of the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, it shares the expertise and resources of Andrews with the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America.

Institute of Hispanic Ministry
Provides graduate-level study for Hispanic pastors both on- and off-campus and assists in continuing education for Hispanic ministers.

Institute of Jewish-Christian Studies
Organizes meetings with experts and provides educational material and supplements the graduate programs of the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary.

Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Located in Bell Hall, it helps faculty and administrators determine whether the University is accomplishing its mission.

International Flag Mall
The area between Pioneer Memorial Church and James White Library where international flags are raised for specific occasions, i.e. May & August graduations, New Student Orientation, University Convocation, Alumni Homecoming.

International Religious Liberty Institute
Fosters study of the principles of religious liberty and church-state relations.

Worldwide network of computers that can communicate with each other. In later references, "the Net" is acceptable. Recent change in AP style does not require capitalization of the "I".



James White Library (JWL)
Also Andrews University Library; lowercase when using unofficial, shortened versions. Holds print books, bound periodical volumes and multimedia materials totaling more than 1.6 million items and provides study and research facilities. The Seminary Library, the Center for Adventist Research and the Mary Jane Mitchell Multimedia Center are located in the main library. An Architecture Resource Center and a Music Materials Center are located in their respective buildings on campus.

J.N. Andrews Honors Program
Official name for Andrews University's undergraduate honors program. The office is located in Nethery Hall.

J.N. Andrews Honors Scholar
A graduation designation earned by Honors Program students who complete the SAGES curriculum and earn an AU and overall GPA of 3.5. J.N. Andrews Honors Scholars receive gold cords to wear as part of their graduation regalia, and their Honors Thesis titles are printed in the graduation program.

J.N. Andrews Sculpture (not statue)

Johnson Gym (JGYM)
Used primarily for sports and social recreational events.



Lake Union Herald
Official monthly publication of the Lake Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Lamson Hall (LH)
A women's residence hall for Andrews University. Mainly for undergraduate students.

Lowercase unless using as part of official name: James White Library (JWL)

Provides full service in digital color and black and white printing in addition to press and bindery services. Located in Harrigan Hall.



Mac lab
See “Harrigan Hall Computer Lab.” Capitalize “Mac” in all cases as a proper noun

Marsh Hall (MSH)
Houses the Department of Nursing and Department of Public Health, Nutrition & Wellness. The Children's Learning Center (Crayon Box) is also located on the bottom floor of the building.

Mathematics Tutoring Center
Located in Haughey Hall, Science Complex. Assists students enrolled in mathematics classes.

Mary Jane Mitchell Multimedia Center
Located in the James White Library, the center is the primary library location for microforms, audiovisual materials (cassettes, videotapes, etc.), multimedia and pamphlets.

Medical Center (MED)
Located beside Ruth Murdoch Elementary School on Garland Avenue, University Medical Specialties coordinates student health services.

Meier Hall (MEIER)
Andrews University's residence hall for undergraduate men.

mission statement
The guiding principles for the institution. "Andrews University, a distinctive Seventh-day Adventist Christian institution, transforms its students by educating them to seek knowledge and affirm faith in order to change the world."

Abbreviate Jan., Feb. Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov. and Dec. as shown when used with a specific calendar date: Jan. 10, 1985 or Monday, Jan. 10. Spell out March, April, May, June, July

Museum of Natural History
Located in the basement of Price Hall in the Science Complex, it houses the most complete skeleton of a woolly mammoth ever found in Michigan in addition to thousands of shell, bird, mammal, insect and botanical specimens.

Music Materials Center (MMC)
A branch library of the James White Library, the MMC is located in Hamel Hall. Services and materials provided include: specialized music reference service, recordings and listening facilities, scores, reference materials and assistance in the use of electronic materials.



Nethery Hall (NH)
Part of the Undergraduate Learning Center: Buller Hall and Nethery Hall. Houses College of Arts & Sciences offices, Student Sucess Center, Writing Center, Honors, and the Departments of English, Social Work, and Visual Art, Communication & Design. Also houses the Explore Andrews Program and Center for Intensive English Programs. Connected to Buller Hall with an enclosed upper-level bridge.

North American Division Evangelism Institute (NADEI)
Located in the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, NADEI provides field-related evangelistic training to seminarians. An office of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

Spell out whole numbers one through nine; use numerals for 10 and above. Fractions standing alone are spelled out. For fractions with whole numbers, use numerals.
Right: She has eight cats and 11 dogs. About one-fifth of her salary goes to buy 2½ tons of pet food each year.

Spell out the word "percent," repeating the word if a range is being described. Do not spell out the numbers in percentages; use numerals.
Wrong: More than 30% of the students were below average.
Wrong: Fewer than five percent of students own airplanes.
Wrong: The tuition remission will be between 15 and 40 percent.
Right: The tuition increase will be between 5 percent and 10 percent.
Note: Use % symbol in tables and charts.

room numbers
Lamson Hall 203 is preferred to Room 203 Lamson Hall

telephone numbers
Preferred: 202-555-4832
Unacceptable: 202/555/4832
Unacceptable: (202) 555-4832
Extensions: 202-555-4832 ext. 123

zip +4 code
The internal postal code used by Andrews University is the plus-4 zip code extension in addresses.



Office of...
Using "Office of" is standard for all campus service offices unless otherwise noted, e.g., Office of Development, Office of the Registrar, Office of Student Financial Services

Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Responsible for oversight of diversity and inclusion on campus. Located on the third floor of the Administration building.

Office of the Ombudspersons
A confidential, independent and neutral dispute resolution service for the University community represented by two selected faculty and/or staff members.

Office of University Communication
Responsible for integration and consistency of the messages of Andrews University in communication, web and print materials to both external and internal constituents. Located in Griggs Hall A.

on-campus, off-campus
Use hyphens

One word, no hyphen



Pathfinder Building (PATH)
Home to the Evergreen Pathfinder Club sponsored by Pioneer Memorial Church.

Physical Therapy (PT)
Houses the Department of Physical Therapy offices, classrooms and laboratories.

Pioneer Memorial Seventh-day Adventist Church (PMC)
Also Pioneer; lowercase “church” when using without Seventh-day Adventist: Pioneer Memorial church, unless using as an address

Plant Services (PS)
Responsible for maintenance and upkeep of University buildings.

Power Plant (POWR)
Houses the campus central heating and cooling system.

Lowercase unless using president as part of a name. Example: We were all happy to welcome President Andrea Luxton; We were all happy to welcome Andrea Luxton, president of Andrews University.

Price Hall (PH)
The wing of the Science Complex that houses the Department of Biology and the Natural History Museum.


MS's, PhD's (plurals)
Plural of a single letter: A's, B's
Decade as a noun: The 1990s were a profitable time. The '90s saw a rise in enrollment.

articles and chapters
Use quotation marks. "How I Spent My Career at Andrews"

Used to introduce a list of items. Example: You will need to bring three things to the party: some food, something to drink and a small gift for the hostess.

Use a comma before a conjunction in a complex series of phrases.
Do not use a comma before Jr., Sr. or Inc.
Do not use a comma before the last item in a series unless the comma is needed to prevent confusion or an element within the list requires its own conjunction. Examples: cheese, lettuce and onions. Orange juice, peaches and ice cream, and donuts.
Do not use a comma between a month and year unless a day is included: July 2002 or July 16, 2002
Commas and periods go inside quotation marks.

double spaces
Do not use double spaces between sentences.

On-campus program, land-grant university (As a general rule, all compound modifiers should be hyphenated.)
Vice president (no hyphen)
Fundraising, fundraiser (preferred use is without a hyphen or a space)
Highly developed (no hyphen with adverbs ending in "ly")
Nonprofit, postgraduate, preadmission. No hyphen with "non," "pre," "post," "sub," etc., compounds. Exceptions:
• When the second word in a pair is capitalized; e.g., non-English.
• Numbers; e.g., pre-1954.
• Re-create when used to mean create again; recreate is an awkward verb meaning to take part in recreation.
• When the last letter of a prefix is the same as the first letter in the second word, use a hyphen: anti-intellectual, pre-existing.
Use hyphens to separate the digits in a phone number: 402-486-2600 ext. 1111

Use a.m. and p.m. as shown when listing times: 7 a.m., 4:30 p.m., with the exception of certain design requirements.

Used to join together two independent clauses. In other words, it joins two clauses that could be sentences. For example: Mary drives a Mercedes: Joanne drives a Chevrolet. She works all day in a store; in addition, she takes classes in the evenings.



Official college records are housed in the Office of Academic Records. Located in the Administration Building.

Lowercase when using in a sentence. Capitalize when using official name: Department of Religion & Biblical Languages.

residence hall (not dormitory or dorm)

Ruth Murdoch Elementary School (RMES)
The University School serving grades K–8.



Stands for Scholars' Alternative General Education Studies. This is the curriculum package taken by J.N. Andrews Honors Program members.

Lowercase unless using official name: Campus Safety

School of Business Administration
Consists of the Departments of Accounting, Economics & Finance, Computing, and Management, Marketing & Info Systems. Located in Chan Shun Hall.

School of Education
Consists of the Departments of Graduate Psychology & Counseling, Leadership, and Teaching, Learning & Curriculum. Located in Bell Hall.

School of Health Professions
The School of Health Professions consists of the Departments of Medical Laboratory Sciences, Nursing, Public Health, Nutrition & Wellness, Physical Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology. The dean's office is located in Harrigan Hall.

Seamount Building (RSB)
The Robert B. Seamount Building is located at the Andrews Airpark.

Seek. Affirm. Change.
College tagline. Not an official part of the Andrews University logo, but can be used within certain guidelines in the logo design.

Seminary Hall (SEM)
Houses the departments of the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, the Center for Youth Evangelism and the North American Division Evangelism Institute.

Seminary Library
Part of the James White Library and the Theological Seminary, its resources include approximately 150,000 books, 500 periodical subscriptions and 18,000 volumes of bound periodicals.

Seventh-day Adventist
Do not use the abbreviation “SDA.” On subsequent references “Adventist” may be used alone. The official church name is always hyphenated with a lowercase “d.”

Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary (SEM)
Houses the Departments of Christian Ministry, Church History, Discipleship & Religious Education, New Testament, Old Testament, Theology & Christian Philosophy, and World Mission.

Smith Hall (SH)
Houses the Department of Agriculture office, film studios for the Department of Visual Art, Communication & Design and office and classrooms for the Berrien RESA Math & Science Center.

Society of Andrews Scholars
Members of the J.N. Andrews Honors Program form the Society of Andrews Scholars dedicated to spiritual, social and intellectual activities outside the classroom. Student officers organize activities for the society.

There has been a recent AP Style change in how to identify state names in body text. All state names are now spelled out. Use postal abbreviations in addresses but not in text. Following are the state names with postal codes in parentheses:

Alaska (AK) Indiana (IN) Nebraska (NE) Rhode Island (RI)
Alabama (AL) Iowa (IA) Nevada (NV) South Carolina (SC)
Arizona (AZ) Kansas (KS) New Hampshire (NH) South Dakota (SD)
Arkansas (AR) Kentucky (KY) New Jersey (NJ) Tennessee (TN)
California (CA) Louisiana (LA) New Mexico (NM) Texas (TX)
Colorado (CO) Maine (ME) New York (NY) Utah (UT)
Connecticut (CT) Massachusetts (MA) North Carolina (NC) Vermont (VT)
Delaware (DE) Maryland (MD) North Dakota (ND) Virginia (VA)
Florida (FL) Michigan (MI) Ohio (OH) Washington (WA)
Georgia (GA) Minnesota (MN) Oklahoma (OK) West Virginia (WV)
Hawaii (HI) Mississippi (MS) Oregon (OR) Wisconsin (WI)
Idaho (ID) Missouri (MO) Pennsylvania (PA) Wyoming (WY)
Illinois (IL) Montana (MT)    


Punctuation: In body text, place one comma between the city and the state name, and another comma after the state name, unless ending a sentence or indicating a dateline:
Example: He was traveling from Nashville, Tennessee to Austin, Texas, en route to his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Miscellaneous: Use New York state when necessary to distinguish the state from New York City. Use state of Washington or Washington state when necessary to distinguish the state from the District of Columbia.

Student Insurance
A function of the Office of Human Resources, it provides information regarding student accident and sickness insurance as well as providing a student advocate to help mediate for the student.

Student Health
Coordinated by University Medical Specialties.

Student Life and Leadership Lab
Located in the Campus Center, formerly known as the Faculty Lounge.

Student Success Center (SSC)
Located in Nethery Hall, SSC provides academic guidance, support and developmental instruction.

Sutherland House (SUH)
Home to the Andrews University Press.

swimming pool
Located in Beaty Gymnasium



Technological Terms
Here are the correct spelling and capitalization rules for some common technological terms:

  • BlackBerry, BlackBerrys
  • download
  • eBay Inc (use EBay Inc. when the word begins a sentence)
  • e-book
  • e-book reader
  • e-reader
  • email
  • cellphone
  • Facebook
  • Google, Googling, Googled
  • hashtag
  • IM (IMed, IMing; for first reference, use Instant Messenger)
  • internet (after first reference, the Net)
  • iPad, iPhone, iPod (use IPad, IPhone, or IPod when the word begins a sentence)
  • LinkedIn
  • Slack
  • social media
  • smartphone
  • the Net
  • Twitter, tweet, tweeted, retweet
  • World Wide Web, website, Web page
  • webmaster
  • YouTube

Titles preceding a personal name are uppercased. The title is lowercased when it stands alone or follows a personal name. This includes professor, assistant professor and associate professor, which is an exception to AP style.

Example: Andrea Luxton, president of Andrews University, approved the decision.
Andrews University President Andrea Luxton approved the decision.
The president approved the decision.
The president, Andrea Luxton, approved the decision.
Christon Arthur, provost, met with the committee.
Provost Christon Arthur met with the committee.

The titles of the administrative officers for Andrews University are as follows:
senior vice president for Financial Administration
vice president for Campus & Student Life
vice president for Diversity & Inclusion
vice president for Marketing & Enrollment Management
vice president for University Advancement
chief information officer
director of Human Resources
general counsel

For a complete list of administration and officers please refer to the Andrews University bulletin.

titles of books, periodicals, reference works, and other types of compositions
Use quotation marks around the titles of books, songs, television shows, computer games, poems, lectures, speeches and works of art.
Examples: Author Porter Shreve read from his new book, “When the White House Was Ours.” They sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” before the game.

Do not use quotations around the names of magazines, newspapers, the Bible or books that are catalogues of reference materials.
Examples: The Washington Post first reported the story. He reads the Bible every morning.

Do not underline or italicize any of the above.

tubing hill (TH)
Located below Burman Hall, beside the Pathfinder Building.

Tucker Building (TUCK)
Houses the repair station at the Andrews University Airpark.



United States
Spell out when used as a noun. Abbreviate without spaces, but with periods (U.S.) when used as an adjective.
Wrong: He came to the U.S. to get an education.
Right: He came to the United States to get an education.
Right: The extension is part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

University Archives
An independent University-wide entity under the leadership of the provost. Located in the James White Library.

University Center for Reading, Learning & Assessment
Located in Bell Hall, the center addresses learning and reading-skill needs through classes and tutoring.

University Towers (UT)
Houses the deans' offices, the University Towers Auditorium, Office of Guest & Convention Services and the common lounge area for Burman Hall and Damazo Hall.



WAUS 90.7 FM
A 24-hour classical music station located in the Howard Performing Arts Center.

Lowercase, unless abbreviating to Web to refer to the World Wide Web

Welcome Globe
Located just past the entrance to the University, on J.N. Andrews Boulevard, this brass structure symbolizes the global mission and vision of Andrews University.

Writing Center
Located in Nethery Hall, the center provides students with individualized instruction by fellow students on basic writing skills and strategies.