2014-2015 Club Officers

Sunhye Moon (President, Medical Laboratory Sciences), Aurianna Anobile (President, Speech Languague Pathalogy & Audiology), Amber Spoon (Vice-President, Speech Languague Pathalogy & Audiology) spoona@andrews,edu, Hannah Alconcel(Vice President, (F) Public Health),  Marga Prouty (President, Physical Therapy),  Sarah Younker (President, Public Health),  Adam Sutherland (Vice-President, Medical Laboratory Sciences), Sarah McIlrath (Vice President, Physical Therapy) mcilrath@andrews.eduMadeline Bornman (President, Nursing), Jevoni McAllister (Vice President, Nursing)

Club Faculty Sponsor:

Tim Newkirk- (MLS)

Departmental Faculty Sponsors:

Greg Almeter -  (Physical Therapy)

Brynja Davis- (SPLAD)

Khonnah Weithers - (Nursing)

Tasha Simpson - (MLS)

Carol Burtnack - (Public Health)

Gretchen Krivak - (Public Health)



2013-2014 Officers

Back row:Left to right: Travis King, Tyler Colomb, David Regal, Trevor Zimmerman
Front row: Left to right: Emily Olakowski, Julie Rose, Kelsey Sarno and  Erica Baker (club sponsor)


2012-2013 Club Officers