Expo Winners

2015 Expo Report

We are excited to announce that we had over 170 participants attend last year's expo.  Seventy-five of the participants visited at least 15 booths at the expo and were eligible to put their name in a drawing for one of our prizes.  The grand prize for last year's event was a spinning bike.  This year we will be raffling off 10 Fitbits plus other cool prizes.


2015 Expo Prize Winners

Grand Prize – Spinning Bike
Ivy Posack

Yoga Mats
Keila Sanchez

Kettlebell Video
Rhonda Barchett
Clementine Dube
Ruth Mwashinga

Kids Ball Hopper
Miles Lopes

Grace Chi
Jackie Bikichky
Sue Collier

Exercise Ball
Espie Wasmer
Johanna Erickson

Resistance Band
Carole Woolford-Hunt