Program Requirements

The MS-MLS Program Consists of:

  • 36 semester credits

    • 20 credits of core courses

    • 16 credits from the emphasis

  • At least 16 of these credits must be in courses at the 500 level or greater.

  • Students may require more than one year (3 semesters) to finish the MSMLS Program.

    • This is because course offerings, prerequisites and schedules change from year to year

  • The graduate program coordinator must approve all course selections and sequencing. 

  • MSMLS students must maitain a GPA of 3.00 or higher, with no course grade lower than a "C".

Core Courses

Core Courses (along with one emphasis area)
Course Name  Credits
ACCT500 Survery of Accounting 3
BSAD500 or BSAD515 Survey of Management 3
MLSC500  Foundations for Graduate Study in Medical Laboratory Science 1
MLSC501  Seminar in Medical Laboratory Science 1
MLSC561  Laboratory Mgmt. Issues & Strategies 3
MLSC562  Issues in laboratory Regulations & Practice 3
MLSC585  Applied Studies in Medical Laboratory Science 5
REL  Graduate Level Religion Course 2-3

*Choose from one of the following emphasis areas*

Laboratory Sciences

Courses Selected from the following Course Name Credits
BIOL444  Electron Microscopy 1
BIOL445 (required) Molecular Genetics 3
BIOL446 Electron Microscopy Lab 2
BIOL475 Biology of Bacteria 3
BOT450 Medical Botany 3
BOT525  Molecular Lab Techniques 3
ZOOL464  Systems Physiology 4
ZOOL465  Histology 3
ZOOL475  Neurobiology 5
BCHM421 (required) Biochemistry I 4
BCHM422 (required) Biochemistry II 3
BCHM430 (required) Biochemistry Lab 1

Laboratory Leadership & Administration

Courses Selected from the Following  Course Name Credits
ACCT625 (required) Accounting & Finances for Managers 3
BSAD525 Organizational Behavior 3
BSAD530 Management of Not-for-Profit Organizations 3
BSAD545 International Management 3
BSAD560 Intercultural Business Relations 3
BSAD615 Management of Quality 3
BSAD620  Christian Ethics, Service & Society 3
EDAL670 Technology for Leaders 3
INFS510 Management Information Systems 3
LEAD638 (required) Issues in Leadership Theory 2-3


Courses Selected from the following Course Name Credits
EDAL520 (required) Foundations of Educational Leadership 2-3
EDAL670 Technology for Leaders 3
EDCI545 (required) Assessment and Evaluation of Learning 3
EDCI606 Teaching in Higher Education 2
EDCI610 Teaching the Adult Learner 2-3
EDCI650 (required) Curriculum Design and Development 3
EDPC514 Psychology of Learning 2-3
EDPC520 Psychological Development 2-3
EDPC554 Career Development 3
LEAD638 Issues in Leadership Theory 2-3

Laboratory Mission & Development


Courses Selected from the following Course Name Credits
ANTH517 Applied/Development Anthropology 2-3
BSAD545 (required or BSAD560) International Management 3
BSAD560 (required or BSAD545) Intercultural Business Relations 3
BSAD620  (required or MSSN615) Christian Ethics, Service & Society 3
LEAD525 Public Relations: Community Partnerships 2-3
MSSN615 (required or BSAD620) Anthropology for Mission and Ministry 2-3
PSYC515 Organization and Human Resources 2
SOCI508 Emergency Preparedness 2
SOCI535 Budgeting, Fund Raising & Grantsmanship 1-2
SOCI545 Program Implementation and Evaluation 2
SOCI640 Ethics in Development 2