Program Requirements

The MSMLS Program Consists of:

  • 36 semester credits

    • 20 credits of core courses (minimum)

    • 16 credits from the concentration (minimum)

  • Typically, the MSMLS degree requires at least two years to complete. Students may require more than two years to complete the MSMLS Program if they must also complete the MLS Certification as part of the MSMLS prerequisites.

  • The graduate program coordinator must approve all course selections and sequencing. 

  • MSMLS students must maintain a GPA of 3.00 or higher, with no course grade lower than a "C".

Core Courses

Core Courses (along with one emphasis area)
Course Name  Credits
ACCT500 Survery of Accounting 3
BSAD500 or BSAD515 Survey of Management 3
MLSC500  Foundations for Graduate Study in Medical Laboratory Science 1
MLSC501  Seminar in Medical Laboratory Science 1
MLSC561  Laboratory Mgmt. Issues & Strategies 3
MLSC562  Issues in laboratory Regulations & Practice 3
MLSC585  Applied Studies in Medical Laboratory Science 5
REL  Graduate Level Religion Course 2-3

*Choose from one of the following emphasis areas*

Laboratory Sciences

Courses Selected from the following Course Name Credits
BIOL444  Electron Microscopy 1
BIOL445 (required) Molecular Genetics 3
BIOL446 Electron Microscopy Lab 2
BIOL475 Biology of Bacteria 3
BOT450 Medical Botany 3
BOT525  Molecular Lab Techniques 3
ZOOL464  Systems Physiology 4
ZOOL465  Histology 3
ZOOL475  Neurobiology 5
BCHM421 (required) Biochemistry I 4
BCHM422 (required) Biochemistry II 3
BCHM430 (required) Biochemistry Lab 1

Laboratory Leadership & Administration

Courses Selected from the Following  Course Name Credits
ACCT625 (required) Accounting & Finances for Managers 3
BSAD525 Organizational Behavior 3
BSAD530 Management of Not-for-Profit Organizations 3
BSAD545 International Management 3
BSAD560 Intercultural Business Relations 3
BSAD615 Management of Quality 3
BSAD620  Christian Ethics, Service & Society 3
EDAL670 Technology for Leaders 3
INFS510 Management Information Systems 3
LEAD638 (required) Issues in Leadership Theory 2-3


Courses Selected from the following Course Name Credits
EDAL520 (required) Foundations of Educational Leadership 2-3
EDAL670 Technology for Leaders 3
EDCI545 (required) Assessment and Evaluation of Learning 3
EDCI606 Teaching in Higher Education 2
EDCI610 Teaching the Adult Learner 2-3
EDCI650 (required) Curriculum Design and Development 3
EDPC514 Psychology of Learning 2-3
EDPC520 Psychological Development 2-3
EDPC554 Career Development 3
LEAD638 Issues in Leadership Theory 2-3

Laboratory Mission & Development


Courses Selected from the following Course Name Credits
ANTH517 Applied/Development Anthropology 2-3
BSAD545 (required or BSAD560) International Management 3
BSAD560 (required or BSAD545) Intercultural Business Relations 3
BSAD620  (required or MSSN615) Christian Ethics, Service & Society 3
LEAD525 Public Relations: Community Partnerships 2-3
MSSN615 (required or BSAD620) Anthropology for Mission and Ministry 2-3
PSYC515 Organization and Human Resources 2
SOCI508 Emergency Preparedness 2
SOCI535 Budgeting, Fund Raising & Grantsmanship 1-2
SOCI545 Program Implementation and Evaluation 2
SOCI640 Ethics in Development 2