International Aid:  Lab-in-a-Suitcase
The MLS Department Faculty are working with International Aid (IA), headquarters in Spring Lake, Michigan, to update IA’s Lab-in-a-Suitcase® (LIS).  IA is a Christian relief and developmental agency that responds to biblical command to be of service to others by providing and supporting healthcare needs.  The LIS contains basic laboratory instrumentation required to conduct 70 - 80% of typical blood and urine analyses necessary to accurately diagnose the most common diseases.  This inexpensive, portable unit can function with or without electricity by using solar-power to recharge a battery pack.

In cooperation with IA, the department is developing a program in which MLS students will serve as educators to train missionaries and healthcare workers in other countries on the proper laboratory techniques applicable to the LIS.

LW Scientific:  Lumin
The MLS Department is working with LW Scientific on the use of Lumin®, an advanced fluorescence microscopy technique, that will allow healthcare professionals working in underdeveloped countries to diagnose malaria and tuberculosis more rapidly and accurately.