Undergraduate Curriculum & Timeline

The Medical Laboratory Science Program is comprised of preclinical studies and the Clinical (Senior) Year.  Preclinical studies consist of the 1st to 3rd years of undergraduate work.  The Clinical Year* consists of the Senior or last year of study.

The program combines classroom teaching with hands-on laboratory experience.  During the Clinical Year, student participate in a 20-week clinical practicum at one of our affiliate clinical sites.  At the clinical site, students receive instruction and work side-by-side with practicing Medical Laboratory Scientists.  Every one of our Clinical Year students who satisfactorily complete the requirements for advancement into the practicum portion of the program is guaranteed clinical placement!  That is our commitment to you.

To view the curriculum and timeline for the preclinical studies, as well as for the Clinical Year, select the Preclinical Studies or the Clinical Year link from the menu on the left.

* Applicants who meet the requirements may apply for admittance to the Clinical (Senior) Year directly.  For more information see Undergraduate Programs and Admissions and Applications.