Degrees Offered

Baccalaureate in Nursing—125

General Education Credits—32
Required cognates—28
BIOL221, 222, 260; PSYC301; FDNT230; STAT285 (*Please note that PSYC101 is included in the general education requirements for credit, but it is considered a cognate for the nursing program, even if not listed under the required cognates) *Please note that if any cognates (Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, Human Development, Nutrition, Psychology, and Statistics) are older than 5 years they will not be accepted as credit and will need to be retaken as a class for credit or the student may take a standardized challenge exam, such as the CLEP exam as approved by the Department of Nursing.

Baccalaureate in Nursing 

Nursing Courses—65
NRSG211, 212, 215, 216, 240, 305, 315, 331, 332, 366, 408,
414, 416, 418, 430, 440, 445, 450(S), 466, 480
All NCLEX preparatory students accepted into the nursing program will:

  1. Be required to work in an acute care setting as a nursing assistant, nursing technician or the equivalent. Students will be required to work a minimum of 500 hours while enrolled in the nursing program.
  2. Be expected to complete the NCLEX-preparatory program within five years from beginning NRSG216.

BS Completion in Nursing—125

GE Credits—23 (37 from associate degree may be transferred in)
COMM104, HIST117, MATH145, RELT100, STAT285, FTES, RELP400

Nursing Courses—34 (31 from associate degree may be transferred in)
NRSG224, 305, 315, 320, 366, 408, 414,418, 438, 445, 450, 466, 480

Post-MS: Nursing Education Certificate

For nurses (RNs) who have a master's degree in nursing and wish to focus on nursing education.

Certificate Requirements—13
NRSG658, 660, 665, 668, 680