The Early Admission Process

If you qualify for the Undergraduate Nursing Scholarship and would like to apply to receive confirmation of your scholarship and early admissions to the nursing degree you’ve come to the right place.

Review eligibility requirements


Now that we have received your transcripts and test scores we need to receive a background check and drug test. This is a standard requirement for nursing professionals and it is important that all Andrews nursing students complete this checkpoint as they prepare for clinical practice.

To make this process as convenient, secure, and safe as possible the Department of Nursing has partnered with Castle Branch. During the order placement you will be asked personal identifying information needed for security and compliance purposes. Supplying accurate and comprehensive information is important to the speed at which your order is completed. The fee for your background check and drug test is $78 paid to Castle Branch.

STEP 1: Go to the Castle Branch Website

  1. Click on Place Order (Big Red Button).

  2. Click Please Select, then Student Screening.

  3. Choose option NS40bgdt: Background Check-Drug Test.

  4. Read Order Instructions and check ‘I have read this information,’ and Click to Continue (do twice).

  5. Complete all needed information on Certified Profile/myCB to place your order.

    • If questions, concerns, or need help, please contact myCB at their direct line to the service desk at 888-723-4263 x7196

  6. The email address you enter will be your username. Please remember the email and password that you entered in case you need to pause and to login for future use.

  7. After setting up your account, please check your email to complete the login, background check, and drug test.

  8. Once you are notified that both requirements are clear, please contact Department of Nursing to receive the code to order and complete your Medical Document Management portion.

Please contact us at Office (269) 471-3311 or if you have additional questions


STEP 2: Go to the myCB Website

  1. Login into your account

  2. Click on Place Order

    • (White Tab in top right corner above Certified Profile/myCB logo).

  3. Enter Package Code given by Department of Nursing and submit. Complete all needed information that follows.

  4. To-Do Lists. Only complete items 1 through 10 (11-13 will be fulfilled during time at AU).

Please contact myCB at their direct line to the service desk at 888-723-4263 x7196, if you have questions, concerns, or need help.