Meet the Bullers

In 1997, Allan and Mildred Buller added a significant financial contribution to their already-committed resources of time, influence and devotion to the dream of a fitting home for undergraduate learning at Andrews University. Even the Bullers had no idea how their dream would grow or how circuitous the path would be to fulfilling the hopes and aspirations for strengthening the undergraduate program.

The Bullers knew from firsthand experience that brick and mortar alone does not make or transform the learning experience. They attended Emmanuel Missionary College during the lean years right after the Great Depression and World War II.

According to President Niels-Erik Andreasen, “We must help our most able and dedicated young people choose Christian education. To do so, Andrews must challenge them with superior learning opportunities and make it affordable for them to attend. These young people are the raw material from which our church will be led in the 21st-century. They are the ones Andrews must have a chance to educate. The Undergraduate Learning Center is our statement to students, ‘This is your place—this is a gift to you.’”