Project Details

Tying the two buildings together with an interior walkway and exterior courtyard is both philosophical and practical. The bridge links the academic disciplines together, creates ownership for the undergraduate experience for those teaching and learning in both buildings and, in a practical sense, provides comfortable passage during inclement weather. The bridge also cements the future of undergraduate learning to the rich past of Nethery Hall’s 70-year history.

A small chapel at the west end of Buller Hall will be a constant reminder that our undergraduate learning experience is a sacred work and provide a quiet corner to seek God’s guidance in daily learning and future decisions.


Nethery Hall Renovation - Phase One

The collegiate gothic architectural style of Nethery Hall is setting the style for the Center. The first stages of renovation for Nethery will be rebuilding some of the infrastructure of this beloved building. The building will be vacated starting summer 2011 and throughout renovation to allow for installation of much-needed heating and air-conditioning, a complete overhaul of the restrooms, installation of energy-efficient windows and renovation of some office spaces.

The façade of Buller Hall will, in most ways, reflect the traditional brown-brick and limestone exterior of Nethery Hall. Interior spaces are designed to encourage collaborative learning with inviting lobbies within the academic departments to create space for quiet study, impromptu conversations with faculty, and opportunities to “bump into” other students. Buller Hall also boasts an amphitheater-style classroom, perfect to bring into one space the core undergraduate classes which are now spread throughout the campus.