How does it affect me?

What is the expected completion date of the project? 

The Undergraduate Learning Center will be fully occupied when classes start in fall 2011. 


What happened to the money donated to Buller Hall back in the late 90s? 

Following standard fundraising and accounting practices, these donations are still part of the funds available for construction.


What’s going to happen to Griggs Hall?

Built in the 30s as the first separate library building in the early days of Emmanuel Missionary College, Griggs Hall has outlasted its years of serviceability as an academic building. While, admittedly, it is hard to lose a building that has been part of our history for so long, the building design is inefficient and reengineering the space for 21st-century needs is unaffordable. The Departments of Religion & Biblical Languages and International Language Studies are looking forward to being welcomed into the collegial spaces of the new Undergraduate Learning Center.

When Griggs is demolished in spring 2010 to make room for Buller Hall, some remnants will be warehoused and made available to alumni and friends who would like to keep a little part of our campus history.


Nethery Hall has always been a favorite on campus—is the interior going to be recognizable after renovation?

This first phase renovation will primarily be HVAC, new windows and upgraded bathroom facilities. Faculty office spaces in the Department of English will also be reconfigured and enlarged. 


Will Nethery be vacated during renovation? 

Yes—the building will be vacated during the summer of 2011. Details on relocated offices and classes will be provided as they become available.


Given the economic situation in the U.S. right now, is it a bad idea to start a construction project?

Actually, it’s a good time for such a project. Building contractors are anxious for the work, so construction costs are lower than they have been in years. Financing rates are extremely competitive for the construction loans. In addition, a construction management firm has been hired to assure the contractors complete their work on time and within budget.


Is the new construction going to be environmentally friendly? 

Absolutely. Consideration was given to pursuing LEED certification. However, because it is a costly process to receive certification, the construction managers are following LEED guidelines but not applying for the certification.


Where will I find my teachers who used to be in Griggs Hall? 

Beginning in May, faculty in the Department of Religion & Biblical Languages will be moving to the basement of the Campus Center. Faculty in the Department of International Language Studies will be moving to Marsh Hall, Room 101.


Why is the one building named Buller Hall?

A leadership gift for a major portion of the construction of Buller Hall was given by Allan and Mildred Buller, both 1941 alumni of Emmanuel Missionary College. Learn more details about their dedication to Andrews University elsewhere on this site.