What about Griggs Hall?

Built in 1938 as the first separate library building in the early days of Emmanuel Missionary College, Griggs Hall has outlasted its years of serviceability as an academic building. While, admittedly, it is hard to lose a building that has been part of our history for so long, the top floor of Griggs Hall was closed by the fire marshall many years ago as unsafe and unusable space. The building design is inefficient and reengineering the space for 21st-century needs is unaffordable. The Departments of Religion & Biblical Languages and International Language Studies are looking forward to being welcomed into the collegial spaces of the new Undergraduate Learning Center.

Faculty will be moving out of Griggs Hall and demolition will take place spring 2010 to make room for Buller Hall. Some remnants will be warehoused and made available to alumni and friends who would like to keep a little part of our campus history.