Congratulations! You're Accepted

We're certain that you, like us, will find Andrews University to be a place where you can Seek Knowledge, Affirm Faith and Change the World.

Checklist: What's Next?

Things to do before you arrive for fall semester and spring semester.

 Activate Username and Password

Now that you have been admitted, you are able to activate your Andrews University username and password! This allows you to access Vault, which is our online database where you can register for classes, set up a financial plan, and view personal information during your time at Andrews. This is also the username and password you will use to access your Andrews email and campus Wi-Fi.

 Complete FAFSA Application 

For many, an important step in the enrollment process is applying for financial aid. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) may offer you money that is available to you through grants, work-study funds, and loans from the Federal Government. Learn more about the FAFSA process at Andrews University. 

 Request Final Transcript by August 1 (fall) or December 15 (spring).

  1. It's a great idea to take or retake the ACT and/or the SAT college entrance exams no later than early June - for possible higher Andrews Partnership Scholarship (APS)
  2. Make sure you send your ACT or SAT scores plus your unofficial transcripts to the university if they are not there yet.
  3. After your graduation from High School, you will be able to send us your final transcript! Place a request to your school and any college from which you have received credit, to send a copy of your final official transcript to Andrews University.
  4. If you have taken part in the Advanced Placement Program and taking Advanced Placement Exams for college credit send us your exams. Click here to find out what score you need to be eligible and more options for gaining prior learning credit.

 Complete Financial Information Sheet by July 1 (fall) or the first week of November (spring). 

The Financial Information Sheet (FISH) only needs to be submitted by students seeking financial aid through FAFSA and/or students that wish to receive the educational allowance (subsidy). This document provides us with additional information regarding housing, the program of study and credit load. It is used with your FAFSA information to determine your total financial aid award for the year. Please refer to finVue for a full checklist of items unique to your financial profile. 

 Complete Housing Requirements by July 1 (fall) or the first week of November (spring). 

Students that plan to reside in one of our on-campus residence halls will need to submit a residence hall application. On the application, you can select living preferences such as bedtime, hobbies, and cleanliness to ensure a good match. Or, if you already have a roommate preference, you can indicate that person on the residence hall app. To complete your application, you will need to submit a $250 room deposit, which is refundable when you move out of the residence hall. Students that wish to live off-campus will need to submit a community residential application. Information about University Apartments can be found here

 Register for Classes - Class Registration Opens April 1 (fall) or November 6 (spring).

To register for classes, you will need to contact your academic advisor (their contact information can be found in iVue). Your advisor will help you create a list of proposed classes for the semester and open registration for you to enroll in classes through Registration Central. Registration Central is used every semester for class selection, meal plans, registration holds, finances and student insurance.

 Schedule Your First Stop Appointment (Opens June 1 for Fall or November 6 for Spring)

Starting June 1 or November 6, you are able to register for a First Stop appointment. The purpose of First Stop is to ensure that everything you need for college is taken care of before you start your Andrews Journey. During your first stop appointment, you will confirm the details of your enrollment status, receive your ID card, and confirm personal contact details and FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) contact preferences. 

 Complete Financial Plan (Opens July 1 for Fall or November 6 for Spring)

Starting July 1st or November 6, you are able to finalize your financial plan by placing a down payment on your account. The financial plan is created through Registration Central and incorporates all discounts, tuition, and fees. For general questions about finances, please refer to our Student Financial Services web page. Here, you will find information about our TouchNet payment system, financial aid, registration, loans, and much more. Your financial advisor will be a helpful resource for you to contact throughout the process. You can find their contact information in your iVue profile.

 Submit TB Screening Form by August 15 (fall) or December 15 (spring).

The Michigan Department of Public Health requires each student to meet immunization requirements. Our TB Screening Form is available for download and can be filled out and submitted via email to or fax 269-473-688.

 Complete First Year Testing Online by August 15 (fall) or December 15 (spring). 

First-year testing sounds intense, but it is really simple. The purpose of these tests is to help provide you with a clearer view of your learning style and career suggestions based on personality. At the Human eSource page, you can take the “Do What You Are” self-discovery assessment. The assessment takes anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes and will provide instant results for your benefit and reference. Simply click the link above, choose "Enter Access Key," and code X4JJW74. Also, look out for an email from “Institutional Effectiveness” to complete the Index of Learning Styles Assessment. This assessment takes about 15 minutes and will give you valuable information on how you can obtain knowledge effectively.

 Residency Status

If you are a non-U.S. Citizen, you will be expected to complete one of two processes based on your residency status:

  1. Submit a Copy of your Green Card. If you are a Permanent Resident, please email a scanned copy or clear, legible photo of your Green Card directly to your personal Enrollment Counselor or email
  2. Complete the I-20 Process. If you are an international student, you will need to complete the I-20 process. Please refer to our I-20 Checklist to know your steps and contact our International Finance Advisor at with any questions.

For any questions regarding these checklist items be sure to contact your enrollment counselor.