Congratulations! You're Accepted

We're certain that you, like us, will find Andrews University to be a place where you can Seek Knowledge, Affirm Faith and Change the World.

Residence Halls & Community Living

Wondering where you will live? Andrews University is a community campus with multiple options for our students. The chart below outlines different options that are available for you. For more detailed information, check out the Student Life webpage.

If you are an undergraduate student under the age of 22 and choose to live with your parents, you must complete and sign a Community Residential Application and Agreement. Additionally, a parent must come to the Student Life office to sign this form before financial registration can be completed. Applications are due by November 15 (for spring semester). Please allow a minimum of two weeks for processing.

  Lamson Hall University Towers - Damazo Hall University Towers - Burman Hall Meier Hall University Apartments Community
Gender Female Female Male Male    
Single undergraduates under age 22 Yes No  No  Yes No  No 
Single undergraduates turning age 22 during spring semester Yes No  Yes (if space allows) No  No 
Single undergraduates turning age 22 before spring semester Yes Yes Yes No  Yes Yes
Single undergraduates age 22+ and graduates (if space allows) Yes Yes No  Yes Yes
Married couples or families No No  No  No  Yes Yes

Make Yourself at Home Here

Tips to settle in:

  • Don't bring much, only bring the essentials. You can always add more later.
  • Contact your roommate in advance to coordinate what you'll each bring to the room.  That way you won't duplicate the items in your room.
  • Be familiar with what the residence hall guides are.
  • Think comforting and personalized. Bring things that remind you of family and friends, such as your favorite blanket,  etc.