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The decision to attend college may be one of the most important ones you'll ever make. Don't worry—we're here to make it easy.

We couldn’t be happier that you want to come to Andrews University as a freshman. If you’ve taken some college classes, after high school, you’ll be accepted as a transfer instead of a freshman. Before we can officially accept you as a future Andrews student, there are a few vital admission requirements.

  • Complete your application by July 15 for the fall semester, November 15 for the spring semester.  If you’re planning on attending one of our summer sessions, other deadlines apply.
  • Be sure to have the contact information for two non-family references.  They must be a combination of your principal, vice principal, guidance counselor, teacher/professor, pastor, or work supervisor.
  • Good news! We do not require letters of recommendation or an essay for your application.
  • Introducing ZeeMee! We want to get to know you and so we have partnered with ZeeMee, a free service that helps you bring your application to life.  As part of a holistic review, we are committed to learning about the person behind the application. Simply copy and paste your link into the Andrews University application.  Sign up at Please note, submitting a ZeeMee profile is completely optional and evaluation of your admissions application will not be delayed as long as all materials are received by the stated deadlines.
  • We look for:
    • ACT scores higher than a 20 ACT   or
    • New SAT 540 individual or 1070-1080 composite. We will convert all SAT scores for tests taken prior to March 2016 using the SAT conversion tool found here.
    • PSAT scores that are greater than a composite of 1100 for early admission of Juniors in their second semester.
  • Be sure to take your ACT or SAT by July 15 for the fall semester, November 15 for the spring semester to be admitted. For all students currently studying in the US.
  • You must have a high school GPA of 2.50 or higher (or an overall GED score at the 50th percentile or higher).
  • If you were dually enrolled with a college during high school, you must submit your official transcript(s) from any college(s) that you attended.
  • If you haven’t finished high school yet, you can send a partial transcript (completed through your Junior year) for an early decision from us, as long as you send the official, final transcript after your graduation. Foreign transcripts must have a WES International Credential Advantage Package (WES ICAP) evaluation, which includes verified copies of Official Transcripts. (This policy does not apply to students who have done a semester or year abroad as part of their studies at a U.S. institution.) 
  • Once all the above is completed, we’ll review all your application documents.
  • We will send you a letter outlining the conditions for registration etc. if you’re accepted, or giving you alternatives/requirements for reapplication if your admission was declined. 
  • Upon admission, we’ll share the continuing steps you’ll need to take before your registration process is complete. 
  • If you do not meet admission standards you may still apply.
  • You can keep track of your application progress at My Account.

Your Requirements are similar to the above except the following:

  • ACT/SAT  is not required. However, you can take the test(s) to stand a chance to increase your Andrews Partnership Scholarship.
  • Foreign transcripts and exam scores must have a WES International Credential Advantage Package (WES ICAP) evaluation, which includes verified copies of Official Transcripts. (This policy does not apply to students who have done a semester or year abroad as part of their studies at a U.S institution.) Transcripts will be evaluated by official academic equivalency rules for the country you studied in.
  • You will need to submit a summary of your educational experience.
  • If English is not your native language and you have not been studying in an institution where the medium of instruction is English for a minimum of four years, you will be required to take an English Proficiency exam.  A minimum score of 550* on the paper-based TOEFL(ITP), 80* on the internet-based TOEFL (iBT), 80* on the MELAB, 6.5* on the IELTS Academic exam or 54 on the PTE. If you do not meet these requirements, then you will have to take English Intensive courses before enrolling full-time in regular courses. Check out the bulletin for more information. 

If you’ve been homeschooled, you have the same requirements as a prospective freshman who has been in traditional school. 

  • You will need to submit a transcript with a cumulative GPA, completed and signed by the person who directed your program.  Need help?  Call 269-471-6343 or 269-471-6718 for additional info on making a transcript and/or other issues. A GED certificate is needed if a transcript is unavailable.
  • Our distance learning program, Griggs International Academy, is a secondary education program.  Griggs will work with homeschool students who take a minimum of their last three high school courses through Griggs to develop and grant a high school diploma.  Check out our Griggs website or call Griggs at 800-782-4769.  For more information, visit our homeschool resources page.

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