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Guest Students

Andrews offers a lot for guest students, from on-campus courses to a variety of online interactive options. We welcome you to our campus as part of our academic family and want to help you achieve your educational goals. Being a guest student at Andrews is not an admission into a degree seeking program, but gives you eligibility to take Andrews courses. International students that enroll as guest students on our campus for more than one semester must have an I-20 on file with Andrews.

To become a guest student you need only apply, select your courses, register, and pay for the courses you wish to take.

To apply, click here. You will receive an email from us with next-step instructions.

To select from full list of courses, click here.

To register, click here.


For questions, please contact us at or 269-471-6718.

Mailing Address: Undergraduate Admissions, Andrews University, 4150 Administration Dr., Berrien Springs MI 49104-0740

Video Tutorials

NOTE: Guest students who eventually apply and receive regular admission may request up to 21 undergraduate credits taken on a guest student basis be applied towards the proposed degree. A minimum grade of C must be received in each course to be accepted for degree credit.