Transfer/Adult Students

Imagine yourself finishing your degree here at Andrews University,
where you can Seek Knowledge, Affirm Faith and Change the World


Imagine learning at a place that is culturally vast. Imagine developing your faith among peers and mentors who care about your spiritual growth. Imagine making lifelong memories and lifelong friends.

If you are looking to choose a place to finish your degree, choose Andrews. We offer a quality environment with excellent academic opportunities where students get accepted into graduate schools and are employed at organizations around the globe, where they make a real impact and change the world.

"I had always imagined myself continuing my education at a Christian school. I took a detour with my education when I attended Lake Michigan College, earning an associate degree in science. It was a pleasant experience but I still missed many aspects of Christian education. While transferring is always an ordeal, my transfer recruiter, advisor and departmental faculty helped smooth the process. I have met so many amazing people in classes, doing campus work, and singing in the university choir. This is no longer something I have to imagine but what I get to experience and I thank God for the opportunity to be here!" -Sinegugu