Transfer/Adult Students

Imagine yourself finishing your degree here at Andrews University,
where you can Seek Knowledge, Affirm Faith and Change the World

Student Life

What activities happen on campus that I can be involved in?

At the heart of Andrews is Jesus. Whether through Sabbath morning worship at more than 25 churches on or near campus, Bible study groups, chapels or outreach we are committed to helping you seek after God and develop your faith.

There are also plenty of ways to be involved and active at Andrews. You may like to bike or walk through our 10 miles of trails, visit the baby cows at the dairy, or hang out at the rec center. Throughout the week you may participate in club events, sports, or music and the arts. On Saturday nights you might find yourself at Almost Anything Goes, the AUSA banquet, or Splash for Cash.  

You may also choose to do a study tour or take a year as a student missionary. At Andrews, the world is your classroom. That is why you can tour places like Tanzania, Bolivia, Jordan, Spain and many other countries while you complete a class or two!  

Check out these pictures that give an overview of life on our campus.

What services are available on campus?

From housing to recreational facilities to business and personal services, we've got you covered. Below are just some of the services available:

  • USPS Postal Services
  • Campus Bookstore
  • Student Success Center
  • James White Library
  • Career & Mental Health Counseling
  • Hair Salon/Barber Shop
  • Cafeteria and Snack Shop

Where will I live?

Undergraduate students under the age of 22 are required to live on campus in Lamson Hall (for the ladies) or Meier Hall (for the gentlemen). If you are under the age of 22 and choose to live with your parents in the community, then a Community Residential application and agreement must be turned into Student Life each semester. University Towers is an option for those who are older than 22 and would like to live in a residence hall community. We also have apartments on campus for those who are older than 22, married and/or have children.

Undergraduate students age 22 or older are able to live off campus in the community at various rental facilitites.

Learn more about various on-campus housing.