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Transferring Credits

What credits will transfer to Andrews University?

Students enrolling at Andrews University may transfer a limited number of credits for courses taken at other schools to their current program if the following expectations are met:

  • Complete official transcripts are submitted from each institution where work was done. College or university transcripts issued outside of the United States or one its territories must have a WES International Credential Advantage Package (WES ICAP) evaluation, which includes verified copies of Official Transcripts. (This policy does not apply to students who have done a semester or year abroad as part of their studies at a U.S. institution. Registrars of these institutions should send transcripts directly to the Andrews University Office of Undergraduate Admissions.)
  • The credits presented for transfer are for college-level courses in which the student has earned a grade of C- or higher
  • All credits presented for transfer come directly from accredited institutions
  • If you have taken part in the Advanced Placement Program and taking Advanced Placement Exams for college credit. Click here to find out what score you need to be eligible and more options for gaining prior learning credit.

Requests for transfer of credits may be made only at the time of admission to the University, at the time when a change of program is approved, or if a petition to accept the course is approved and on file before the course is taken. The approving officer may specify conditions that must be fulfilled for the acceptance of the course.

See the online bulletin for more information on credit for prior learning.

Andrews University is an MTA Signatory Institution. Check out how your MTA credits will transfer, click here

Which credits of mine will transfer to Andrews?

The schools on this site have had some or all of their courses evaluated for transferability to Andrews University. The guide shows you if there is an exact equivalent at Andrews or if the course meets our Andrews Core Experience. If you do not see your school or a particular class please contact us at

Is there a limit of credits that will transfer?

The schools of the University allow no more than 70 semester hours to be transferred from community colleges (two-year) and applied on a baccalaureate degree. More may be approved by the dean as part of a planned professional program. Only 6 transfer credits, including correspondence credits, may be applied on the last 36 semester credits of a degree program. Individual schools and programs may have other limitations on transfer credits.

Will my credits transfer from an Unaccredited School?

Transfer credits from an unaccredited school are accepted on an individual basis after the student has demonstrated satisfactory academic performance at Andrews University. With advice from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Office of Academic Records, the dean of the school concerned determines the credits to be accepted, based on satisfactory performance in advanced-level courses and/or validation examinations. Likewise, departments determine the credits that can be applied toward a major or minor.

How do my credits transfer?

Once we receive all your official transcripts (transcripts are to be sent directly from your previous college to Andrews University), they will be articulated. Classes listed on the transcript will be evaluated for potential credit toward your Andrews degree and will be reposted to your preVue account. If your transfer credit does not have a direct equivalent listed (only showing 0000) you may petition after you've demonstrated satisfactory academic performance at Andrews through your department advisor or the director of Andrews Core Experience.  

College or university transcripts issued in languages other than English must be accompanied by an authorized English translation. (Registrars of these institutions should send transcripts directly to the Andrews University Office of Undergraduate Admissions.)

Articulation Agreements

Andrews University maintains Articulation Agreements with several institutions, which fall into one of three categories, depending on whether the articulation agreement provides for Andrews University (1) accepting credits from the other institution, (2) sending Andrews University credits to another institution or (3) both accepting and send credits. For more information, visit our Articulation Agreements