Tuition is just the starting point–undergraduate students never pay the full price at Andrews. After scholarships and grants, Andrews can be less expensive than institutions with even lower tuition. Find out how Andrews invests in you.

Payment Plans

Cash Rebate Plans

3% Rebate Plan—Full-time students may choose to pay estimated out-of-pocket expenses for the full year by August 15 to receive a 3% rebate.

1% Rebate Plan—Full-time undergraduate and graduate students may choose to pay their estimated out-of-pocket expenses in full for the semester and receive a 1% rebate. Fall semester payments must be receipted by August 15 and spring semester payments must be receipted by December 15.

Monthly Payment Plan

Students may arrange to payments toward estimated out-of-pocket expenses for each semester. This plan carries the following stipulations:

  1. All previous account balances must be paid in full, plus a 50% down payment.
  2. The plan may not exceed more than 50% of estimated out-of-pocket expenses per semester.
  3. Payments must eliminate the account balance by the end of the semester to which the plan applies.
  4. Late payments will incur a fee of $25.
  5. Carrying charges will be posted to any unpaid balance at the end of the month.
  6. Minimum balance for this plan is $100 or above.

Full details on all available payment plans available at our Student Financial Services website.