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Many Voices
An Introduction to Social Issues
Edited by Herbert W. Helm, Jr. and Duane C. McBride
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?Religion matters, in church and society, across all the social sciences. Few have demonstrated this reality for students, educators, and policymakers as well as the authors of this fascinating, interdisciplinary textbook. Our students need to explore complex social problems tangibly from a variety of perspectives, including religion, before they can make informed policy decisions about those problems. I recommend this text as the most cogent starting point.? ?Henry Allen, professor of sociology, Wheaton College

Many disciplines study human behavior. Each discipline has its own perspective on why humans exhibit particular behaviors, and on the origins of social problems and their solutions. Specialists from various fields see social issues through their own set of assumptions. The purpose of this text is to present these differing perspectives. The student will gain a richer understanding of the social issues themselves and of how social scientists and specialists from other related disciplines approach them. Forty authors from fifteen institutions and a variety of disciplines have contributed to this book.

As an intentionally cross-disciplinary text, Many Voices gives special attention to the roles and relationships of religion and culture. In many aspects of society, the effects of culture and religion are powerfully intertwined. An understanding of one helps us understand the other. It also helps us understand that there are, indeed, many voices behind the social issues and problems of our time.

About the editors: Herbert W. Helm, Jr., is professor of psychology at Andrews University. He teaches courses in research methods, psychological assessment, history and systems of psychology, and other areas. Prior to serving in higher education, he worked as a psychologist in community mental health. Duane C. McBride is professor and chair of behavioral sciences at Andrews University, where he is also executive director of the Institute for Prevention of Addictions. He is a member of the American Public Health Association, the American Society of Criminology, and the American Sociological Association.

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1 Foundations of Sociology by Lionel Matthews, Duane C. McBride, and Marciana Popescu
2 Foundations of Psychology by Herbert W. Helm, Jr.
3 Foundations of Anthropology by Steve Helm
4 Research Methods by Herbert W. Helm, Jr., and Lionel Matthews

5 Education by Judy W. Taylor and Loretta B. Johns
6 Marriage and Family by Susan E. Murray
7 Public Health and Health Care by Nancy L. Farrell, Sharon A. Gillespie, Alina M. Baltazar, and Gary L. Hopkins
8 Religion by Lionel Matthews, Elvin S. Gabriel, and Joseph W. Warren

9 Sexuality by Talin Babikian and M. Catherin Freier
10 Drugs by Herbert W. Helm, Jr., Duane C. McBride, Gary L. Hopkins, and C. Edward Boyatt
11 Violence by Alina M. Baltazar, Duane C. McBride, and Jonathan R. Cook
12 Mental Health by Herbert W. Helm, Jr.
13 Religious Fundamentalism and Cult Behavior by Derrick L. Proctor

14 Poverty by Jan F. Wrenn
15 Race by Nancy J. Carbonell
16 Infants, Children, and Adolescents by M. Catherin Freier and Ronald D. Morgan
17 Feminism by Ren? Drumm

18 Economic Markets and Government Mandates by Jane Sabes
19 Population and Migration by Ken R. Crane

20 From Social Problems to Policies by H?ctor Luis D?az


This book is not in print.
2007 | 532 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-883925-56-7
$ 0.00


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