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This book is not in print.
William Foxwell Albright
A 20th Century Genius
by David N. Freedman and Leona G. Running
$ 0.00

In this biographical account of the acknowledged dean of biblical archaeology, Running and Freedman attempt to draw an objective picture of Albright and let the man speak for himself.

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    1. Childhood and School Days
    2. ?W. T. Albright, Prin., Menno, S.D.?
    3. The Making of an Orientalist
    4. Army Interlude
    5. A Fateful Year
    6. Exploring Palestine
    7. Acting Director of ASOR
    8. Director of ASOR
    9. Furlough
    10. Tell Beit Mirsim
    11. The Commuter, Baltimore-Jerusalem
    12. The Professor
    13. A Wider Audience
    14. Adventures in Sinai and South Arabia
    15. Mr. Dead Sea Scrolls
    16. Autumn in Turkey
    17. Return Visits to the Holy Land
    18. High Tide
    19. Dean of Biblical Archaeologists
    20. The Anchor Bible
    21. Honorary Citizen of Jerusalem
    22. Celebration
    23. Ebb Tide
    24. Epilogue

This book is not in print.
1975 | 447 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-8467-0071-5
$ 0.00


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