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This book is not in print.
Helping Pastors Cope
A Psycho-Social Support System for Pastors
by Benjamin D. Schoun
$ 0.00

Schoun describes the pastor?s felt need for support and encouragement in a demanding role, reviews a variety of current plans for giving such support, and suggests resources that could be helpful for pastors, particularly in the Seventh-day Adventist church.

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    Part I: Evaluation of the Need for a Psycho-Social Support System
    1: The Psycho-Social Need for a Support System
    2: Theological Reflections on the Concept of Support
    3: The Current State of Support Systems for the Seventh-day Adventist Ministry

    Part II: Designs for a Potential Psycho-Social Support System
    4: A Review of Existing Support Resources
    5: A Design for a Psycho-Social Support System for Pastors of the SDA Church in North America

    Appendices and Bibliography
    Appendix A: Stress and Burn-Out Inventories
    Appendix B: Selected Counsels of Ellen G. White that Relate to Support and Ministers
    Appendix C: Information on ?The Support System of Local Church Pastors? Questionnaire
    Appendix D: Addresses for Resources of Support


This book is not in print.
1983 | 334 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-943872-86-5
$ 0.00


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