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Scriptural Foundations for Business

Edited by Michael E. Cafferky and Bruce Wrenn

The Scriptural Foundations for Business series comprises materials for the core business courses in most college schools or departments of business, commerce, or economics. As such, it provides a spiritual perspective that is needed to prepare a person of faith for a career in the world of business, whether in for-profit or not-for-profit enterprises. Each booklet is written to provide an understanding of how the discipline covered in the course can be comprehended--and eventually practiced--within the context of biblical truth. The authors represent a broad spectrum of nationalities, ethnicities, cultures, and educational training, but have in common a dedication to the integration of faith and learning in their courses and their lives. This series provides inspiration and education for living "a life worthy of the calling" (Ephesians 4:1) as God's man or woman in the marketplace.

Works currently available in this series include:

  • Scriptural Foundations for Accounting by Carmelita Troy and LeRoy Ruhupatty
  • Scriptural Foundations for Business Communication by Verlyne Starr
  • Scriptural Foundations for Management by Michael E. Cafferky
  • Scriptural Foundations for Marketing by Bruce Wrenn, Harwood Hoover Jr., and Jacquelyn Warwick
  • Scriptural Foundations for Microeconomics by Harwood Hoover Jr.

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