Certified Healthy Departments

To apply to become a CHD click here for the application. To apply for recertification click here.

2018 - 2019 CHD's at AU

  1. School of Health Professions*
  2. Digital Learning & Instructional Technology*
  3. Lamson Hall*
  4. Teaching, Learning & Curriculum*
  5. Department of Nursing*
  6. Department of Religion*
  7. School of Business
  8. Griggs International Academy
  9. Speech Language Pathology and Audiology
  10. Human Resources
  11. Graduate Enrollment Management
  12. Public Health, Nutrition & Wellness
  13. Social Work
  14. University Communication
  15. Physical Therapy

*Departments that have been recertified 



CHD is an exciting step in University Health and Wellness's (UHW) goal of transformating Andrews University through wellness. Departments are the central space where connection, community, and caring takes place. Imagine your students and colleagues all sharing an experience that can make the whole department happier, more engaged, more resilient, more confident and healthier! 


Achieveing greater levels of physical, mental, and spiritual health as a community means we all benefit from our collective efforts. The CHD intiative recognizes, rewards and celebrates those departments that put forth intentional effort to improve their members' health and wellness as a team. This provides an encouraging environment for faculty, staff, students, and visitors to easily participate in an overall healthier AU campus.